NetApp could lay off 10% of its global workforce

After the announcement by EMC a thousand job cuts earlier this month, NetApp have also decided to cut its workforce. According to the bank Piper Jaffray, storage specialist would expect to dismiss about 10% of its global workforce, or about 1,300 employees. As noted in the Times of India in its issue of Saturday, May 18, NetApp has already signified their sacking 300 employees at its site in Bangalore, which employs about 2,000 people (R & D, sales, marketing and services).

The storage market has slowed sharply in recent quarters. IBM, Dell, HP and NetApp have seen their sales decline while storage systems EMC, the world leader, struggled to maintain positive growth. NetApp is expected to release its quarterly results (fourth fiscal quarter) today. We should then know how the storage market is affected by the slowdown in the global economy over the past quarter.

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