Neusoft the domestic software industry in Europe and the United States want to expand the event a good time to hunt

Neusoft Group recently conducted a series of foreign branches of personnel changes, the resolution stresses the intention to open European markets and américains.Liu Jiren, Chairman and CEO of Neusoft Group Biaoshi the years, Neusoft will like its 10 years has been actively exploring the Japanese market, Gaoduzhongshi develop the European and American markets, especially in the economic crisis today, Neusoft will Gengjiades positive steps to develop the international market in crisis to find more opportunities développement.Sous the influence of the financial crisis, the international software industry are affected, it is bargain-hunting opportunities for the software industry in China.

domestic software industry is small by the financial crisis

The data show that in October 2008, the combined income of the domestic software industry 642.97 billion yuan, up 31% compared to the same period the previous year, the growth rate is 10 percentage points, the deterioration of global economic conditions, revenues from the software industry is encoremaintenir growth rate of over 30%, much higher than the overall IT sector, the growth rate of less than 10%. This shows that the financial crisis on the software industry in China, the impact is relatively small.

too much dependence on overseas markets for the software industry and Indian service modes, service the Chinese software industry is primarily a local company, we thought we had the internationalization insufficient simply become Rong Jin Wei Jizhong software industry in China, Yuan Yin Shou Chongjijiaoxiao one.

In China, the software services market structure, large enterprises and government sector users occupy nearly 60% share of 4 billion yuan investment that the government has gradually implemented the internal software companies benefit greatly from large companies and the construction of the Government Information vitesse.Pour industrial customers and large enterprise groups as the main clientele of business software development, market demand, the impact of economic slowdown will be relatively small, the results for the next two years, continue to grow, but growth could slow down.

At the same time, outsourcing and offshore services is the general trend of economic development mondial.Le outbreak of the financial crisis, making the best cost reduction of Priority contractors, will lead to the re- define the scope of outsourcing and contractors to improve cooperation with other countries, Chinese companies software significatif.Deuxièmement cost advantage, the economy is relatively fast-growing number of multinational companies China will be the “safe harbor”, the Chinese software outsourcing companies will be more opportunities for development.

M & A opportunities arise

U.S. financial crisis is affecting not only the U.S. financial system, but also an impact on the U.S. economy réelle.Selon the report, the financial industry accounts for 18% of U. S. IT spending, Wall Street and corporations set U. S. IT spending to 6% to 8%, as investors worried about the global economic crisis could make enterprise IT spending significantly 减少, 美国 Keji Gu sector financierAprès crisis suffered heavy losses, while Europe’s largest management software company SAP has also recently said he warned the fourth quarter of 2008, revenue growth will diminuer.sources industry said some foreign IT companies also increased spending on software services in China – the proportion of spending from 18% to 22%.

UFIDA Wang Wenjing, chairman, said that the financial crisis is bound to affect the dynamics of development of foreign IT companies, but it just brings more opportunities for Chinese companies, “the financial crisis or to improve business software industry in China World logicielune good opportunity for the position of the key is how companies capture a good development opportunity. “

the recent meeting 2009 annual meeting of China’s IT, Jack Gao, Vice President News Corporation has proposed a new perspective, and Chinese companies are eager to buy are mining, oil and other resources in different asset classes, GAO Jack believes that the crisis financièreLes Chinese enterprises should consider the international software industry to a certain level of investment or acquisition, “the financial crisis the rare cases where there may be new opportunities for Chinese companies. strategic investment in overseas companies to choose the software company can be very importantles things – not just software vendors can invest abroad are the heart of the software industry in China technical shortcomings, but also the impact of investments, while China’s software outsourcing industry can contribute to development. “

software industry actively bargain hunting

Liu Jiren that Europe is the center of global manufacturing of advanced equipment, mobile phones, cars, control systems, medical equipment and other embedded software development and services, a demande.En huge because of the global financial crisis, more and more multinational companies will face cost pressure double European innovation, outsourcing will be their future competitiveness strategies clés.En therefore enhance Neusoft construction and investment in overseas branches, expanded market development efforts in Europe and the United States to express Neusoft faster in the world more and more companies to enter the confidence international markets and determination.

Last year in September, Chongqing Zhengda Software Chinese-Japanese venture established Software Company went to the company japonaise.Zhengda Software Group President Paul Wang said Japan top 10 companies, half to maintain cooperative relations with the PC – including Nomura Securities, Fujitsu, Toshiba, NTT, etc..

In fact, more than the business itself, our government also encourages software companies to enter markets mondiaux.Décembre 3, 2008, provided by the municipal government of Dalian Software Park in Tokyo, Japan  place a grand ceremony for the opening of the park, 40 more than the official acceptance of related companies, Sino-Japanese from all walks of life to three hundred participants.C is also the first opening of China to the abroad of a software park.

Dai Yulin

, vice mayor of Dalian, in an interview that the global economy hit by the financial crisis hit the background, many foreign large enterprises to reduce costs, increase efficiency should be more outside the traditional business of the Commission, so thatthe software and service outsourcing industry is facing a rare opportunity for développement.2008 Dalian in total sales should cross 30 billion yuans.Dalian  Japan Software Park is the city set up to help small and medium in the new economic situation, an important step for the new development.


national software companies in the process of going out, we must also pay attention to risques.Wang Wenjing is now software companies began to take an opportunity to meet business development company as long as the direction, UFIDA be a good time to acquire good objet.Toutefois the current global financial situation is not optimistic about the situation, M & A should also be careful with their money safely, not because of mergers and acquisitions and the risks for the business development.

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