On the printing and packaging industry needs “custom” products for ERP

ERP, Enterprise Resourse three English words in terms of acronym, which means that the enterprise resource planning. manufacturing ERP originated in the West, its mission is to use information tools such as computers according to the methods of scientific work, collecting information about various resources companies, through the succession of information processing, comparison, analysis, etc., to improve business efficiency, connect deficiencies in the management and reduce the loss of working time to the effect of such errors forgetting things, so to exploit the potential increase revenue, reduce costs and increase profits.

Since the start date of the promotion, ERP has been in the industry of countries développement.Spécifique printing and packaging, simply, the biggest difference is that manufacturing ERP is manufacturing nomenclature, nomenclature as the starting point of data flows and central accounting coûts.Nombre orders, once produced, the order of material requirements planning is automatically généré.L ‘ printing and packaging industry is not the case, because the different levels of printing and packaging industry in terms of materials and workmanship required is often not the same, it n ‘there is no standard nomenclature, if we apply the traditional concept of ERP, user-centric BOM require the establishment of a large number of daily nomenclature, and often need to change the BOM data, the load Work is great, is very cumbersome to use, unlike the ERP to improve efficiency in mind. Consequently, printing and industry needs for ERP industry.

As we all know, the printing industry has entered into a profit marginal.Après 2000, the stage of development of the sector, we do not lack basic life dry as we buy equipment, you can increase profits, profit era, the simple addition of facilities and activities will increase the amount of profit is no longer the practice, if it is pasgestion fine living lose money is normal.Il is the ability to manage the printing done great demandes.Après the introduction of new labor legislation, local businesses employing all costs and risks are greatly increased , print a larger impact of the industry workforce. In this situation, relying on information technology to improve the management and improve efficiency through the management of information, reduce costs and increase profits has become the trend, it is imperative that the industry consensus.

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