Opera browser options provided by Microsoft, said: “e” logo misleading users

July 29 message, Microsoft has confirmed that Europe and the Windows Vista Windows XP user interface to allow a choice (screen voting) of the software update.

Neowin, Microsoft last week said that the EU has made the choice of the interface as the default browser proposition.IE buy a new Windows PC for consumers in Europe will interface sélection.Les consumers if they wish to choose from the selection of the network interface to install browsers concurrents.Si this proposal was ultimately accepted, Microsoft will launch in Europe and the rest of the world according to a comprehensive range of Windows.

Microsoft Windows Update Europe through Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows client software system user interface to provide an upgrade option niveau.L selection interface can display update software will be available to all current and future Vista.Les Windows XP and Windows users can access the software Update.Pour Windows Windows XP and Windows Vista, the selection procedure interface update decision after 3 to 6 months available to the user from the European Commission.

Microsoft recommends this option

interface contains 10 or fewer of the most common browser utilisé.Le browser must be able to run on Windows platforms the market share of the European Economic Area 0.5% .

Microsoft’s decision again raises the dissatisfaction of society with TechFlash Opera.Selon Opera CTO Håkon Wium Lie said, indicating the identity of IE can naturally lead people to use the browser IE.Nous use this identity is incertaine.Comme together with Windows, the blue “e” and the logo too close to the Internet. We believe that the use of “blue e” logo is not a good idée.La European Commission proposed these changes to society welcomed the proposal.

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