Organic SEO: Link Building Techniques

One of the premises that have been preserved from the beginning in this work on the SEO of a website on the need for inbound links, in order to improve the organic positioning. However, the way to do strictly unchanged. At first, any link was acceptable, but now as the profile on the website is a very important element when calculating the rankings.

must therefore bear in mind the guidelines that Google has been reporting in recent months. The links should be made natural, unforced and informative to the user. With this idea in mind are out of the picture directories low quality links.

profile appropriate links should contain a mix of dofollow and nofollow links, and Google should never suspect that the links may have been purchased. Any link that seems forced and unnatural be susceptible, at first a warning and Webmaster after a penalty that is simply to not index that page left out of the SERPS.

Ideally, evaluating these criteria, would be to contribute quality articles and other websites, strictly related to the niche of the page we try to relate. Therefore, it should reduce the number of incoming links achieved over a period of time, and focus on getting quality links, which, although smaller in number, much more effective in contributing to its “juice” the pagerank of the page in question.

Another way to achieve quality backlinks is through social networking and the impact that can be achieved in an article forums, through comments, being retweeted or posted on Facebook. These two actions, to contribute articles to other sites and achieve social impact should be basically the offsite SEO techniques most used and that will yield the best results.

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