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tendency software easier said than done. improvement of products, the market must Wan Dezhuan. Kaigegaozou in 2006, while open source software, Microsoft has also been strengthening its own defense, but the demand will have an impact on a variety of software development collaboration.

Open source continues to advance triumphantly

power of open source really can not be underestimated. Just a few years a leading role in open source – Linux quickly to cover the world’s governments and businesses, almost shook the monopoly firm original Windows. In China, the government helps Gengrang Linux is clearly the hope of revitalizing the Chinese software industry in the procurement of many, and Linux desktop applications based on Linux and again beat Microsoft Windows and Office, success.

Currently, database, business intelligence and other fields, open source software have come to have a more Ye Xia and Shang software, strength, support and services have also begun to satisfaction users, and in 2006 will remain continuous reinforcement.

resistance Linux Windows monopoly early on the back of the “Microsoft Terminator” task either own desire. As a leading manufacturer of the operating system Linux, Novell SUSE Linux to bring its made in the U.S. market. Face strong opponents in 2004, Novell has released an astonishing statement: 2006, the company launched SUSE Linux Desktop 10 will end the monopoly of Microsoft.

In 2006, the same as the operating system, Windows Vista and Novell SUSE Linux will quit. It is a war elephant and ants, or the vote is tight? The answer will be revealed at the end of 2006.

In addition, from 2005, with Firefox as representative of open-source software has been a crowd favorite and quickly popularized the concept of open source software has been widely accepted, both office and market access of firms to make significant progress. However, the increase in demand will impact “negative”: those who become famous pirates in order to put more emphasis on open source software, if users open software in 2006 and will soon put to commercial software level, such as the importance of the news.


attack on all fronts?

Sometimes you have to ask, RFID (radio frequency identification) for a “small” hardware is able to attract so much attention to large corporations, including even the giants of the software industry – Microsoft.

Investing heavily in capital and R & D personnel in RFID, Microsoft said that in 2006, the company launched the first software RFID – RFID Service Platform “(RFID Services Platform). We learn that this product is based on Microsoft. Net development platform, and software compatible with Microsoft SQL Server, this product can monitor RFID signals will be responsible for hardware and software connected to business, especially for those who are interested in RFID technology in their business enterprises and the company Microsoft RFID Software Technology concerned. Microsoft has released the software there is no specific price, but said that the product will drive at low prices. Microsoft hopes its RFID program at low prices encourage more companies in the supply chain through technology. GlobeRanger and ConnecTerra The two companies have reached an agreement in their own products using Microsoft technology.

In addition, Microsoft also revealed, used to manage e-mail, address book and notepad, Microsoft Exchange Server, the next version will be launched in 2006. Originally people thought it would be listed in 2007, Microsoft themselves have said, but now appears to be ahead of schedule. This software is currently known as the Exchange Server 12, learned the new version will increase the voicemail and fax processing, including many new features.

family stand for election, Microsoft will be launched in 2006 a new version of Office is indeed good news. It is reported that the new version of Office 12, its performance, user rights management, advanced planning, document sharing and business intelligence has improved considerably.


the first commercial software anti-virus, Microsoft Client Protection “will be published in 2006, the anti-virus software for Exchange and other major commercial markets. We learn, Client Protection combining anti-spyware and anti-virus functions, ie before the end of 2005 in the beta testing stage. Microsoft will launch in 2006, dedicated to the Microsoft Exchange antivirus software Microsoft Antigen for Exchange beta. Nash and Ballmer also announced that the computer industry with a broad alliance with the company other security technologies. So far, about more than 30 security agencies have joined the Microsoft platform security development, including McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro and other industry leading companies. Microsoft Sharu mass market anti-virus software, several major domestic manufacturers do not know Jiangmin, Rising, etc. have much impact?

eruption collaboration software from

class of new software, collaboration software (Collaboration Software) is a national and international software is a hot topic. collaboration software that is team collaboration and project management that the purpose of the communication and collaboration software tools, including various communications software, such as email, instant messaging, VoIP, etc; meetings in real time, including conference calls, video conferencing, group collaboration, such as workflow management, groupware, project management, networking, contact management, and related products for information security such as encryption of messages , authentication, and so on.

abroad related to an investigation, because of the use of instant messaging software, businesses can improve office efficiency by 60%, the cost of communication is 75% savings. We have reason to believe that in 2006, the communication will be more expensive and security, particularly in the voice and video quality will be further strengthened, it will be much cheaper price or even free. Meanwhile, as the bandwidth increases, not only in software chat and VoIP technology is more mature and popular, voice and video transmission will be faster, better, but also has a higher pixel camera appearance the first, so we have “virtual neighbors” feeling.

the end of 2005, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger will gradually achieve interoperability, and acquisition of minority stake in AOL Google, we can expect in 2006 and, finally, some markets instant messaging software, Enter the Dragon. Like the first, the fourth in the world Tencent QQ recently rejected the proposal to interconnect multiple copies, due to rely entirely on the domestic market, Tencent QQ worry about interoperability “allow others an advantage.” But seeing the Sharu own hinterland progressively competitors, Tencent QQ outlook for 2006 will not only walls.

With the development of collaboration and dissemination of ideas, there will be a considerable part of the application software, development or application in the process of implementing the concept of collaboration, at the same time another part of the software will be directly based on the platform of software development together to create synergies of osteoarthritis, coordination of administrative and collaborative CRM, logistics collaborative KM collaboration, coordination and human resources other software. That in 2006 we can see. The reason this software together popular, mainly due to customer demand, with the popularity of the Internet and corporate networks escalation perfect, this trend will continue in 2006.

Vista hot

the operating system of the previous generation (for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP 64-bit SAP are matching our range) interval between the release of five years, Microsoft will be available for Christmas 2006, all operating system Windows Vista next generation. There is no doubt that Vista will not only strengthen the field of desktop computers current Microsoft operating system dominance, but also to a large extent, to promote the IT industry. The same scenario in Windows XP and even earlier times again and again, this is not an exception.

for Microsoft Windows Vista has improved in the following areas:

The first is security. With the implementation of the security architecture from top to bottom, using Microsoft development tools detection code quality, and thought when designing Vista Internet connection rather than stand-alone system exploitation, Vista will largely eliminate security problems Microsoft.

Second is reliability. To better make the computer in people’s daily lives, consumers must be able to rely on their phone or refrigerator so dependent on computers. Although the operating system Windows XP more reliable than previous versions, however, there is still no products in electrical fundamentals. This time, Microsoft is expected to launch the Vista computer as stable as the television at home.

Finally, the experience of the region. Vista team working on the development of the database, such as Instant-On, dynamic search, an automated network and device capabilities, but also in the use of make Vista easier than Windows XP, which will also Vista to become as communication, entertainment and best basis for applications such as games. System as Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows Vista, the first time in “La vie en immersion” concept that many in the system integration of human factors, all people-oriented, so close to the action possible user operating system to understand the user experience, so friendly.

free software continues to conquer a city collaboration software, more civilized and Microsoft continue to operating systems, office software and other areas of increased investment and new areas to attack .

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