Outlook.com officially replaces Hotmail

Starting this week, Microsoft starts the transfer of 300 million accounts from Hotmail to the new email service , Outlook modern. Changing Outlook – Hotmail already been announced since last July and this week already has official confirmation replacement of the email service born in 1996. The new email preview was in for almost half a year but that’s over because now coming to light.

The new email address remains the same features of Hotmail and only if the user so desires can change “hotmail.com” a “outlook.com”. The change will not affect password, messages, folders, contacts, since the idea is to give the user a better experience and not interrupt the service was carrying.

The characteristics of the new mail seeking be consistent with the minimalist style that Microsoft has adopted 8. Given this, you ask what’s new offering Outlook so then a short list of benefits and features:

  • New intuitive interface.
  • It has a scheduled cleaning.
  • Easy to move and archive messages.
  • Provides easy unsubscribe from a newsletter.
  • Allow you to view the photos, videos, files, etc.. online.
  • Enables sending hundreds of photos, videos and more in one message and it all works through SkyDrive.
  • Advertising will be superseded by updates from your friends on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The latter features to think many users as well as you log in to their accounts, they can be aware of what their friends on social networks.

The Outlook multinational company, expects to complete the transfer of all users later this summer, as announced Rafael Rios, product marketing manager at Microsoft. Currently the number of active users of Outlook skirts 60 million in just six months, but to accelerate Microsoft is conducting a marketing campaign to inform users that Outlook is the best email service in the world.

If you do not already use Outlook and you start to have the experience of having a modern mail then just enough that you sign up on their website .

If you are already a part of Outlook users, then let us know what you think about the new email?

Source: Mashable


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