Peak: 360 secure browser users must install security shield safety net is safer Jinshan

November 18 360 3.1 beta2 browser upgrade release, the accident is made especially for the Golden Shield network technical limitations Hill, causing failure Jinshan Network Shield security module, allowing the browser to use 360 ​​Jinshan network users can not enjoy the protection shield of the intimate, the current Web page related to the environment rampant horse, 360 users web browser to navigate safely on course to face serious risks Safety. To this end, Jinshan State November 20, the majority of users to know the truth to explain the situation and propose solutions.

360 November 21, written articles, Web Shield, said Kingsoft significant procedural error, caused some users to 360 security browser to function properly, adding that 360 have their own security shield Web browser all features, users do not need to install the Jinshan network shield and other products. Jinshan responsible manner in accordance with the user, to allow multiple users to know the truth, made the following statement:

1, point system produces technologically network browser security 360 realizes that the Jinshan shield defense system in the first four layers “url filtering malicious.” Install only 360 users browser simply can not be fully realized here safely. And 360 “on behalf of a powerful 360 Browser security Security features anti-spyware, protect the network without having to install products such as Golden Hill.” While it is the current state of network security negligence, the user is extremely irresponsible. In addition, also mislead users to uninstall Jinshan protect the network, leading to the safety of the users are not here just for protection.

2, Jinshan protect the network and now the largest manufacturer Maxthon formed a security cooperation, its 10 million users use the web shield Jinshan navigation software on the protection of safety, and the millions IE, TheWorld Browser, Opera browser Firefox, the user, Jinshan network shield and browser compatibility is very good.

3, 360 mentioned in the lead shield 360 accidents Jinshan web browser, data 360 photos published by the collapse of the modules run on November 5, 2009 about 360 shield Jinshan network security and compatibility issues arise browser (According to official information provided by 360 of view, is very few users are facing this problem.) But until November 18, 2009, 360 browser security updates released official 3.1beta2 (force shield to prevent network security Jinshan items loaded version), Golden Hill Network Security Shield team had not received any browser 360 comment. software compatibility problem has always been necessary for both parties through negotiation, and 360 the browser itself had a lot of feedback from users have crash problems, so 360 can be interpreted as a malicious competition triggered an excuse .

Jinshan as a 20-year history and a good reputation in the software industry, we do not intend to join any kind of war of words around us, we just wanted to publish facts, to prevent the user from being misled. We also once again the overall initiative, peer development, really interests of the user, misleading, unfair behavior of the user can not provide a long-term development.

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