Play Store Google integrates Google Plus to avoid anonymous comments

Thanks to Google Plus, Google Play the online store, where you can buy applications for tablets and smartphones that use the Android operating system, will no longer anonymous messages from its users.

From now, every time a user wants to comment on Google Play some application, such comments will be accompanied by the name and photo of the user who made, as this must have an account on Google +. If above, the comments could appear anonymously, this is no longer possible due to Google‘s social network, as to the assessment of any application will reveal who is its author.

Google + would prevent unhelpful reviews to the creators of the applications do this, and help to detect those who perform them. However, this measure is against you, as it may cause users to choose not to comment because they do not have or do not want to create an account with Google +.

Let’s hope this is not the case and that Google‘s social network continues to grow, as the Internet giant is doing everything possible for more people to join its social platform.

Source: The Verge

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