Poke brands use Facebook for marketing campaigns

After the popular social network service has become a service touches in sending messages that self-destruct, advertising firms did not miss the opportunity to use it also for their campaigns. Thus, the first company to use the application Facebook Poke was an Israeli company Delta lingerie, that in order to make your brand remains in the memory of your target audience sending short messages about their marketing campaigns.

facebook Poke

The benefits can be found in the application touches is making a new form of advertising, and community manager, says Adam Britten, as it makes possible the delivery special offers and promotions directly to users. You can also add coupons Mail post, which certainly can not be duplicated as other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Despite this possibility offered Poke scheduled messaging, others have decided to stay away, preferring to observe the behavior of users via other courier companies scheduled to prevent their users consider intrusive advertising.

The idea of ​​sending advertising short Snapchat was tested first, a similar application and predecessor of Facebook Poke. The first company to use the application for marketing campaigns was the ice cream company 16 Handles.

Source: All Facebook

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