PowerScripter Integration + PowerWF = FTW

In this demo we take a familiar PowerCLI one-liner scraped from a popular PowerCLI blog (peetersonline.nl), convert it into a workflow using PowerWF, deploy it to PowerScripter, then call it directly from the vSphere client via PowerScripter. Get PowerScripter here www.icomasoft.com Get PowerWF here: powerwf.com PowerWF Studio is a suite of tools leveraging PowerShell and Windows Workflow for automation and administration of physical and virtual environments. Leveraging VMware’s PowerCLI, VIX API plus several other PowerWF activities packs, PowerWF Studio for VMware offers levels of automation typically only seen in enterprise class solutions. The product supports management of VMware Server, Workstation, Player, and Virtual Infrastructure (both ESX and vCenter).
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