Practice Asp.Net MVC ASP.NET MVC Preview base


was. Net Business Performance uncomfortable, finally, still in long discussions does not a very good business performance in a separate question, recently saw the new Asp.Net MVC framework, Huang was informed, it is before MVP WebForm based approach, this new MVC framework shows a very easy separation of the company.
Ok, today I tried to use MVC on how to write a small demonstration program, this procedure is very simple, is an article publishing and navigation process, the program has two forms, namely, category and content, namely classification, section table the program uses the MySQL database, build script table as follows:

“auto_increment id` int primary key not null, Name
“ varchar (255) NOT NULL,
“Intro” varchar (1024),
“Order” int default 1000,
“Url` varchar (255),
“little Isurl` NOT NULL default 0
ALTER TABLE `topic` ADD INDEX (`order ‘)

CREATE TABLE `content ‘(
” auto_increment id `int primary key not null,
” CategoryID `int NOT NULL,
” title “varchar (255) NOT NULL,
“Info” varchar (1024),
“Content” text
“PostTime` datetime & nbsp

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