Product Data Management (PDM) guidelines for implementation

1, PDM background

60.70 years in the 20th century, the production process of companies in the design and start using CAD, CAM techniques, new technologies in promoting the development of productivity at the same time new challenges. For manufacturing companies, although the unit has become increasingly sophisticated computer-aided technology, but are autonomous from the lack of information sharing and effective use of the form of an island called information “. In this case, many companies have realized: to achieve the sound management of information will be in the future to stay ahead of the competition a key factor. Product Data Management (PDM Product Data Management called) is running in the background while students of management ideas and new technologies. PDM can be defined as a software technology, with products such as the core product data, processes, resources, integrated management of technology integration. PDM clearly positioned as for companies manufacturing, commodity management, data, processes and resources for the management of three information items. PDM two areas of information management, product structure is static and dynamic processes of product design, organization-wide information and resource management are carried out around the product design, the PDM system This is different from other systems management information such as the company Management Information System (MIS), the manufacturing resource planning (MRP Ⅱ) System Project Management (PM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) key.

Second, domestic and foreign

In recent years, many companies in China continue to depth application of computer technology, PDM has also attracted the attention of companies, many companies are interested in technology PDM. level of product data management (PDM) for the integration of business information, and improve business management and efficiency aspects of product development, the importance is enormous, many medium and large companies in China are fully aware of this, but so far the application of PDM relatively low, so the exploration of successful experience implementing PDM implementation methodology for promoting the application of PDM significance. Department of PDM product data systems design and management technology platform company data, but the application of PDM has already exceeded the design. Today, companies have more or are ready to install the PDM system. According to statistics, in 2001, the PDM market will reach $ 2.5 billion.

PDM is an important area of ​​computer applications today one of the technologies. In recent years, the PDM is a product of the industry’s fastest growing technology. PDM application brings an extraordinary achievement. PDM technology has been widely used abroad, the United States, CIMdata survey companies, 98% of companies should implement PDM. There are companies in China had PDM. PDM technology is to manage all information related to products and technologies all product-related processes. Its core is the ability to make all project-related information in the full lifecycle of free sharing of heterogeneous data associated with the product. PDM technology in the nineties has been a rapid development, PDM can be considered as a framework for enterprise information integration (frame). various applications such as CAD / CAM / CAE, EDA, osteoarthritis, CAPP, MRP …… and so on through a variety of means, such as application interfaces, development (packages) as an object directly “(Object)” to be built in, which makes the distribution of different parts of the company, for use in various applications with a high degree of integration of all product data, coordination, sharing, all the product development process can be highly optimized or reorganization. Currently, many large international companies are gradually that support business process reengineering, concurrent engineering, quality certification ISO9000 in order to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises in key technologies.

Third, how to choose the PDM

At present many foreign software PDM famous, such as the company metaphase SDRC, EDS IMAN, WINDCHILL PTC, IBM Product Manager, Optegra CV, they essentially represent the highest modern technology in the PDM level . PDM technology focusing on gradually to the domestic market, the domestic software companies have also seen many huge market potential PDM, PDM have developed their own products, such as Zhejiang Ruifeng software company Tianchuang, Huazhong University of Central Software, Tsinghua University high-Hwa University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Keith Company, Nanjing Genesis Corporation and Northeastern University Alpine Corporation. Meanwhile, many domestic enterprises to implement a PDM system, some foreign manufacturers to develop PDM systems such as air-conditioning Chunlan, Haier, Changhong, Konka and other products used in Iman States United PDM EDS, Xi’an PDM used in aircraft design product is IBM PM, the Department of the Second Hospital space PDM 204 products used in the United States metaphase CRPS, also developed by system manufacturers National PDM, such as Ningbo Shen Ling Co., Ltd., Ningbo Pacific Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, PDM products used are days of large software companies to create Ruifeng GS-PDM, Jiangxi Isuzu Automobile Works, Shanghai Port Machinery Plant and Suzhou Valve Factory and other products using the software publisher PDM IntePDM central China. Results of the application point of view, there are tangible economic benefits, while others have not met expectations. Based on experience, the application system for PDM business goals, pay attention to the following questions:

But the choice of choosing which software company, primarily for the use and investment should be more economical than the starting point, which can improve product quality, reduce product development cycles to meet the operational needs of current capacity and short-term care to the earliest possible market businesses to create efficiency standards. Software selection to see if the choice between a PDM products, in addition to its review function, two important factors, the price is more important to examine the system of technical service provider and the ability of PDM.

Fourth, the promotion and implementation of PDM experience

A clear positioning and objectives of the program PDM

clear positioning and objectives. PDM system about its capabilities, system independence, scale, openness, and so different from the PDM system in the level of the project team, business systems at PDM and PDM systems distributed. PDM is the optimal management of an efficient business is a management framework of the scientific enterprise and the result of the combination of practical problems. In theory, the application of the PDM can generally improve the cycle of product development, improve enterprise management level. However, the introduction of PDM software, many companies do not improve after the production performance of the company. Undertaken by the application of PDM needs to achieve these objectives, the current situation and future strategy of business development and account, set realistic goals and reasonable objectives can not be too high.

2, to develop strategies for implementing effective, progressive, step by step goal setting.

functional point of view, the PDM software currently on the market especially with document management and document management, project management and process management, tree management and product configuration management, treatment and annotation, coding management, and user management tools, e-mail and other functions. But full implementation of all the content is more difficult, a better approach is to start with some applications, such as the first application of document management and document management, process management, product management and management configuration tree, followed by the introduction of electronic tools and e-mail, etc., approval of final implementation, tree management product and project management and so on.

Development Team business products ‘quality’ is not exactly the same, even for the PDM “project at the group level” implementation of the project will be promoted across a problem: Since the implementation of PDM, affects the normal activities of product development, because some people so that the implementation of the project cycle elongated wasteful of software investment.

3, attach importance to the implementation of team training, selection, strong technical force, experienced provider.

PDM implementation, including product designers, business leaders and partners such as the implementation team to implement the order of commissioning. Choose here to stress the strong technical force providers if winner PDM has a great influence on success. Before the introduction of PDM for businesses large do not experience implementing PDM and the secondary development of talent, that aid providers, combined with business problems found in practice, to develop and improve, PDM can really play.

4 to win the business decision makers attach great importance to and full support.

Buy a set of application software, form a team capable technique is not difficult for companies. However, inherent in the company involved in production methods and management system reform is not a technical staff can do. PDM project team involved in the reorganization of the integration of product information, standardization of processes and other aspects of management, a form of standardized database need several support teams design, process management needs of all employees, You Zhi decision making at the firm support of the implementation of the PDM and the combination of restructuring and reform to avoid detours. The importance of PDM and difficulties of implementation as in the management of its features, so if business leaders in the project has not yet fully aware of this time, the PDM project is to succeed very difficult.

5, with an emphasis on user training PDM.

staff training and business education in schools is different from most of the content of the training of staff is a passing enthusiasm, but also will not take the initiative to spend a lot of energy to make it completely clear or completely. PDM technology, but first and foremost a reflection on management. If the company or project team leader on less complete understanding of PDM, PDM will be very difficult to promote. Solution to the problem is that corporate executives related to a hierarchical structure and training stage.

6, to give full attention to the standardization of data and process standardization.

Standardization, serialization is the premise of the industrial production and modern infrastructure. Several data communication is inseparable from standardization. Implementation of PDM, in fact, the integrity of information on the company’s products, standardization, scientific management system, while standardization is an implementation of the PDM project, a very important element. full use of standardized product PDM system through these standard parts, GM parts and the typical structure of a unified management and quick search, you need to spend a lot of energy. process of implementing PDM must attach great importance to the standardization and normalization.

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