Programs for partitioning and managing hard disks under Windows

With many agents can the built-in hard drive partition and manage

Are programs and tools for hard disk management and partitioning options are many. As one of the most popular programs may well apply FDISK. This program is for Windows operating systems come standard with and can from anyone who has bought the operating system, be used freely. Unfortunately, this old program is not as powerful as the great programs you can buy and to which it has not such a pleasant graphical user interface as the buy-back programs.


A further program for managing and partitioning is GDISK, the successor of FDISK. This program also has no GUI and is probably something for Computerfreeks who register with this program disk in a short time to format and partition the hard drives, and can.


In today’s time, the drives can much more comfortable using a graphical interface to set up and manage.This hard disk management programs to include most other tools, or tools needed to manage, repairand maintenance of the data contained on the hard disk very useful. With these programs presented on this site / software to partition hard disks can manage well, and structure.


It is possible that the programs presented here have been older versions and there are now new versions of these to buy. In general, these programs are still powerful, or were only for newer operating system evolves.



The program is Norton Partition Magic 8

Manufacturer’s product description on this program
Protect your data better, and run multiple operating systems in a safe manner – with Norton “PartitionMagic 8.0”. This award-winning solution makes it easy to structure the hard disk and therefore increases the security and performance.With Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 by Symantec, you can organize your hard drive quickly and easily, so store the data securely and efficiently. Divide the space on the hard disk into multiple partitions for the operating system, applications, documents, music, photos, games and backup files. Through the hard disk partitioning, you reduce the risk of data loss if the system crashes. Each partition operates in the same way as a separate disk. Easy wizards walk you through creating a backup partition or installing another operating system. You can zoom in and resize partitions any time /, merge or copy to another hard disk. The versatile Norton PartitionMagic supports both Windows and Linux file systems and thus provides a perfect opportunity to run multiple operating systems on a single computer run. Here you even find an intuitive browser that lets you quickly locate the file you want, regardless of the file system of each partition. You can view the files in a Linux partition, so can also indicate when the computer is running Windows. The browser can also easily copy and move files between partitions. Thanks to the support of USB 2.0, USB 1.0 and FireWire can use today’s most popular external hard drives easily. Get organized on your hard drive – with the award-winning Norton PartitionMagic. (Update!!) FEATURES: – File browser with the Windows Explorer is modeled – NTFS partition increase in operation (including the system partition) – run multiple operating systems safely on a single PC – New support for Linux Ext3 and Ext2 .

The program PartitionMagic 8

Manufacturer’s product description on this program
Partitioning allows you to manage your hard disk more efficiently. Your computer views each partition as a separate hard drive and automatically assigns it a drive letter. This makes it possible for you to organize your hard drive easily and maximize your system performance. Dividing your hard drive into separate partitions plays a crucial role in the administration of your computer: preventing conflicts, protecting data, improving efficiency and performance. PartitionMagic, the award-winning application from PowerQuest, allows you to read data files, operating systems, separate applications, games and downloads easily from each other by creating partitions and resize them without having to have to reformat your hard drive and without compromising data corrupted be. It also allows you to partition magic boot magic contained in multiple operating systems (OS) safely on the same computer to load and execute, without causing any conflicts. Just try a new operating system, without sacrificing the stability of your operating system previously used. PartitionMagic also includes PQBoot. It allows you to select the operating system to be loaded at next reboot, when Windows is running.

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