Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

The  shared hosting, as the name implies, is one that shares access between you and other companies also hired. That is, several companies hosted on the same server, yet each retains its domain and website individually.

The major disadvantage of this type of service is the security quebrantación , because as many users on the same server no strict control, so that you and your site will be at the mercy of the attacks on the Internet.

Other elements in the same way are remote desktop sharing and control panel. Regularly in shared accommodations, abides by the moderation of the hosting provider is giving once again comes to the disadvantage of it in terms of issues of privacy .

So why choose a shared hosting?

Well, the idea that such services should continue to exist mostly to its low cost, if we’re pretending to buy a hosting , but still do not have enough or we are just growing economy, is when a shared hosting is a good option since translated into other words, we’re just renting a small space. In fact I can think elemplo cited as the very name of the service, shared hosting is like when a student rents a room in a big house, it’s cheaper, gives just what you need at the time ( hosting ) and is own space, however, there are more tenants in the same house thereby running the risk of being invaded, not freedom as in her own home and at any time the landlord can come up with to stop renting, it is the same in cyber topic. However, and for the young student would be the best option to start as you can afford something bigger, on the subject of websites there is always a redirection for the further evolution of our company.

However, we must assess very well the pros and cons to choosing this hosting option as to depend on the hosting provider, it will limit us and condition, which can greatly reduced the ability of our website as well as slow and always the risk of being invaded by malicious users of the same companies with whom we are sharing.

It may be a case of time and effort for many companies who only go to ” last “for this type of accommodation, but there are companies for whom the service is shared ideal, since not all the infrastructure needed to provide services, not have much traffic on their websites and the information they hold is so basic that no fear infiltrators.

Similarly, although with lower quality, most shared hosting providers still provide lots of tools, electronic mail accounts, technical support, etc.., So the low cost, remains an appealing option for many.

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