Q2 internal middleware market to reach 297 million

Analysys International recently released “The data from the second quarter of 2007 the Chinese market for middleware” surveillance, visited China based middleware marché.Les data show that China middleware market in Q2 2007 to $ 297 million yuan overall size, with the last quarter of the chain increased 28.5% compared to the same period last year fell by 5%.

inherited from the previous quarter, the traditional manufacturers to adjust the resulting financial and distribution strategies, lower overall market is too grand.Ainsi, while Q2 chain has increased, but still down every year the state.

Patron of the company, IBM, BEA and TongTech three companies occupy the top three, the overall market share of 72% or plus.Microsoft, Sun and Oracle, as in Q2 2007 were introduced in the fourth quarter of the year, sales of impulse and, therefore, its growth rate better performance than in the past.

impact of changes in the distribution channel strategy survivors, their market share has slightly diminué.Bien the process is the development of rules by technological means complete, the initial distribution of a set Instead, the cash back rate, improved performance modestes.Ce quarter, IBM Kingdee strategic investment and form a strategic partnership global.Toutefois under Kingdee Kingdee Middleware is an independent company, cooperation with Kingdee IBM, middleware is not within the coopération.Par Therefore, no impact on the structure of the company.

one technical developments:


International Organization for Standardization global road which stood at the Chinese station, SOA.OASIS published international standards organization wants to further promote the SCA specifications, standards, and education and the implementation of a series efforts to obtain the broadest applications industrielles.Analysys International does not participate in the proposed normative importance of internal middleware near the norme.En addition, a successful entry into the domestic financial middleware construction industry at the heart of systems, independent research and development of Chinese software companies have begun to show results.

request of a user perspective:


major consumer credit, telecommunications, government industry needs some changement.profession medical SME market demand began to augmenter.C middleware is medical, SMB and other industries related to information technology itself, while the major manufacturers of these emerging areas are rising market developments and training also play a role.

With the introduction of international standards for SOA, most companies have begun to consider how to achieve SOA.

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