QQ chat confidentiality of qualified experts to teach you three strategies

QQ chat record contains a lot of personal information, once used for phishing, lead to disastrous consequences. So we do not think QQ chat history is not important, but ignored it.

Firstly, why the QQ chat will be stolen

In fact, why the QQ chat history can be a voyeur, this is mainly due to a landing can bypass the password in the local vulnerability. When the user in the system after landing QQ, QQ installation directory will be generated in a number of QQ folder, which holds all the configuration information on the number, chat records.

With this vulnerability An attacker can bypass authentication password of the remote system, thus breaking the restrictions QQ process itself, so go to the Accounting content of local information. In fact, since the creation of Tencent QQ, QQ, and all of this loophole TM software. So, regardless of whether the local system or remote system, the only access to files in the directory.


local pirates should hacker-related procedures to extract the QQ installation directory, and then run the program and select one of the QQ number has been registered, then the following “QQ password “in a password that is successful offline landing. After a successful connection can be used to target the QQ number of friends to view information, chat records, etc..

If the remote computer system, then the directory would be needed to process the file on the local system, then use a hack program to see where you can discuss.

Second, anti-theft tips cat

Tips 1: First, strengthen the protection of system security, malicious processes to prevent the intrusion of the system. Also, do not let strangers use your personal computer, because there may be malware installed on the system, such as computer repair is complete.

Tips 2: to deal with this information voyeuristic friends, chat records, tools, the best prevention is to encrypt cats. QQ panel click “System Settings” command, then in the pop-up “QQ Settings” Control Panel, select the “Security Settings” following “information security local” option, select the “Enable Instant Messaging encryption” option in the settings correct password required (Figure 1).

Tips 3: If a public computer, then two QQ login window select “Internet cafes” model can also be in the “Security Settings” to set “automatically deleted when exiting QQ chat 记录 option. This may quit, Let’s Talk automatically erase your file.

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