QQ, how to quickly modernize Thunder

Many software such as the user is divided into 359 hierarchical QQ, Thunder hierarchical, the Forum class, nowadays the most popular farm also pleased at the higher level, which door functions increasingly more glory quiespérons their highest niveau.Alors, how fast leveling experience and other news, enjoy more thoughtful service? Below and we’ll share some skills upgrade fast.


+ Mobile QQ increase levels quickly

QQ users are eager to have “Little Sun”, but the stars, the moon, the sun as the Mars long, even if the line everyday needs time to wait, if you tolerate, you can open QQ members, accelerate the use of membership privileges vitesse.Cliquez to improve on the lower right corner of the main panel, “Main Menu” button in the pop-up menu, select “QQ members / membership upgrade,” open ” open QQ members “, choose the operating mode, the mode of payment and duration of service, click on” confirm payment “to upgrade a member.

Update QQ member, depending on the level of adherence to accelerate the growth of QQ level is higher than the average of QQ users faster level (Figure 1).

In addition to opening accession to quickly improve the level, QQ now has plans to upgrade to change, as the last four hours a day, even if you are the business day QQ.En or travel, you can use the phone to connect for the purpose of QQ.Cliquez the “QQ Settings / System Settings / Basic Settings / ban all online users” prompt, and then open the shield QQ group a point above the icon two types of pliers, then point group message “” type parameter can êtrel. ‘If you want full screen click on “armor all group messages,”

Orpheus Technology User Love Tip: If the members of the highest level, leveling faster speed, how fast to improve the quality a member? Usually growth of the daily value of five members, if the annual fee paid, the value of growth journalière15.


+ download rapid increase at Thunder


users have different degrees higher and higher “rank” people long ago, and then slow down the escalation of ordinary users, such as snails, can be upgraded to improve the upgrade membership rate Thunder.

Click the “Member” button, pop-up “Thunderbolt Member,” click to open “immediate” and enter “payment center Thunderbolt.Choix payment, food contributions, duration of operation, click the “Next” button the wizard to make payment for drinks foreground, updated members of Thunder.

As a member

Thunder, the higher the value of the daily experience more, faster Thunder.Comme raise the rating can be seen in the table below, ordinary users and ranking members VIP6 you, everyday experience, a difference of almost double the rate upgrade naturally almost double the difference.

In addition to membership, points can be used to improve the téléchargement.Dans downloading, it is necessary to select a small file size for fast access to download points.

QQ space of a wizard upgrade fast with were

QQ space is closely related to the level and flow, you can use “QQ space Popular Wizard” to help you brush flow, level fast promotion QQ space.

“Wizard People QQ space” for a very simple to use: run the program, click “Add” to fill several QQ number and password, then the operation “base” column QQ number, click work on “Start” button (such queFigure 2) in normal mode, the wizard popular QQ space every 6 seconds to paint a little, just keep clicking “continue working” button, and traffic continue to increase the level of QQ space will improve naturally fast.

levels rose fast hard Viewing Forum

Level Forum and the integral, handling post, send post-Nice is the most important access points to improve the forum made a note on the post.

Forum as an example Orphée.Inscrivez Orpheus forum, click the “Work Forum” button, go to the “Forum Computer”, click the task name behind the ‘now’, you are prompted to perform the relevant tasks can earn points récompenses.Dans forum Orpheus, after some new points plus 3 points position plus 1 for a position, if released back reward posted by users to adopt, you can also get the corresponding reward, especially if the publisher wonderful post, the administrator will récompensé.Au Over time, the integration of increasingly high, the Forum will continue to raise the natural level.

But if it is not aid administrator “, how? Oh, you can use to perform automated tools détachement.Ouvrez the message “auto Discuz forum bumping machine” in the forums, enter Web addresses, such as http://www.office9.org/bbs., Then enter the identification number of the corresponding plate, then enter your user name and password, enter the position where you want the content, you can post more recommended fois.Postes presented in the irrigation district to that directors will not be deleted, and their available points.

In addition to the display, people can go to try supplantation.Amis Come quickly improve the level and benefit from the most advanced services.

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