QQ-mail messages full-text search is no longer difficult to find

Today, email is our everyday work of network services using one of the most common, but as we send and receive e-mail in more long-term commitment if we find in the e-mail and manage e-mailcomme usually a needle in a haystack of foin.Par Therefore, a good mass e-mail must not only have the ability, should have a powerful search function to facilitate our recherches.Récemment I heard that QQ-mail has introduced a new e-mail the full text search function, so hurry Xiaobian to stand trial opened, the performance then? Seeing.

open QQ mailbox full text search function is as simple as its QQ mailbox “Settings” option in the living experience of opening this sujet.Ouverte, automatically appear in the mailbox Input search QQ prominent position on the corner droit.Et you want to find the message, simply type a keyword in the search input box, QQ-mail will automatically search criteria based folder in the mailbox fast full text search, which is lost or found in real time containing the words cléscorps name, subject or message results recherche.Xiao Bian test, there are over 500 letters Research different mailbox post QQ, search results, there is almost no delay, the speed is very satisfactory.

Meanwhile, QQ-mail lets you search for keywords contained in the message body in the light standard.Contenu around keywords and summary information is also displayed directly, so that we can resume keywords and context we need to see the selection of e-mail, a glance.

One might ask, if the search results are still more when we not also complicated the search results in a secondary investigation, remains a long and laborieux.Ne not worry, Xiao Bian find research Full text function QQ mailbox can not only quickly search the message text, you can get more specific “research rapprochement.” In other words, when we look for a message containing the search criteria, the search results right, QQ-mail is submitted directly by the sender as the folder, depending on the read / unread kinds and other Rechercheoptions the category so that we can meet their needs from a more specific to find the e-mail is very easy.

In addition, the input side of research in e-mail, QQ-mail also set up “all attachments” button, click on this button, you can quickly view all Bian jointe.Xiao mail piece that the design of this feature is quite the man, now in the body of the message was not passed on the information that we spend a huge, containing a large number of images , forms and other documents annexed became the main force of the transmission of information, therefore, find gestionles attachments e-mail are also increasingly important.Le QQ-mail to quickly provide the display all attachments can help us achieve this objectif.Avec Gongneng this, we can not only look to see the entire collection and Fujian Song Fa also Huan Yi Yang Ru Mail Search by file type, by date range and other options Jingque by category for the approximation of the Annex. If these two methods do not allow us to find the required mass attachment, do not worry, we can also use the keyword search key in the appendix, looking for accessories click on the know.

After the trial, Xiao Bian QQ announced that the full text search function is easy to use, extremely fast search speed, search, and manage messages on a large aide.Il seems that we need to find closure message, time to say goodbye to the time in the mail faster and more convenient management of age.

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