QQ stolen choose which side to use successfully?

QQ stolen, the chances of success complaint at the end how high the answer is: the right to appeal the complaint are fully réussie.Lorsque the user password is forgotten or stolen, etc. QQ reason not work properly, you can retrieve a variety of methods.

Most users who use the approach: Web Call

Success Rate: 10%

Applied for stealing a password is required to enter the center “QQ Service Account” (https:/ / account.qq.com), select one of the “self-help recover password QQ “QQ passe.Aucun recover word password protection for stolen can fill the” Complaint Form stolen password “to try to redeem the code.

The most important thing is successfully appealed representations Full account of relevant evidence (previously used password, friends, account, open services, etc.), the user data is complete accurate, more use as evidence, proof of the first series, the appeals prospects.

Finally finished the new information protected by password, she completed the process plainte.Puis came to do is wait for the results we avions.Toutefois, the success rate of complaints is the lowest point page of the complaint, even if the user complete truth relevant information in support, but because of the complete information provided convincing evidence of the information is not enough, if the complaint was related systems are often rejetés.Donc, basically, you can not consider the complaint page.

a small portion of users who use the approach: Customer Service Telephone success rate of call: 80%

Complaints by telephone, then the complaint about the whole process and pages, but because of personal customer service you recall the relevant considerations, the success rate relatively high as in rédemption.Mais “first time” is not possible to recover lost passwords, users usually takes three to four times the complaint phone successfully.

Some members use the method: QQ Member Services success rate call: 100%

In addition, if you are a member of QQ, and opened a gas station QQ “or” community-classic “service, you can enjoy your mobile phone notifications, password Xiugai, telephone Chong of passwords, password locking the phone three Gongneng, mainly protégerQQ your password the first time can be sauvé.Ouverture these services without QQ members and ordinary users through the Internet and customer service calls for the redemption of representations.

After several complaints

experimental analysis, we found using the password “protected”, “station QQ” services (mobile), “Community standard” services (China Unicom) friends can be faster in the word Password complaint QQ.En addition, if the QQ number stolen once people Daohao related to the use of his cell phone number, and change the password, then return to the very low probabilité.Mais this is relatively rare Many groups Daohao mainly for parts Q, currency involved in the game as they can for gold, and they changed your password but arouse his soupçons.Donc once you find your part number Q is lost or stolen, and the password can not be changed, we must seize the time to change your password and strengthen protective measures.

related advice: keep your foolproof security QQ

The vast majority of users due to a variety of Trojans or should not enter into a phishing website and theft of QQ account and password passe.La most users are thieves and steal a small number of virtual currency, the Public Security Bureau would not accepter.Par Therefore, we know how to get more for the flight number after skills, most important thing is to do a good job security.

* Password protection for QQ

You must learn to take action préventives.QQ first to ask a password-protected, whether members or non-members, the application process password-protected is the same.

Click the “QQ account service center” https:/ / account.qq.com in the “second generation protection password” link, follow the instructions to fill the information you pouvez.Toutefois, information protected must keep in mind in particular identification number, regardless of the method used for lazy fellow master Dong teach you cut an image into the form is completed, retrieve the password after complete plan vacuum.

* Install a network firewall and antivirus software

Must first install the latest version of firewall, antivirus, and download the file security, email filtering, web security (anti-phishing features), such as the capabilities of real-time monitoring for ‘ouvrir.Ainsi, the user will be recalled.

* Improve strength password

not use QQ password anniversary, identification number and other directly for the password, it is preferable to use letters, numbers, special characters and even mix a combination of characters. We can also go to the Security Center checks the current QQ password is safe (http://safe.qq.com/strategy/pswsafe.shtml).

• Increased safety awareness

Do not send someone else’s site Click to open, casual gamers better not to install the plug-in is likely to move in horses Troie.Dans Internet cafes and other public places to be QQ careful using to connect to the Internet in cafes, quit after resetting password better, and the login window “QQ” Number list, find their number and click “Clear History” bouton.Sinon, QQ stolen after themselves and crying.

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