Record and share videos and voice messages to Facebook for iOS

Facebook just updated its application for iPhone and iPad mobile devices (iOS). Previously users could not record, share video or voice messages, but that is now gone. The change that takes the social network is to strengthen its presence in the mobile phone, considering that many users enter the virtual platform from telephone equipment.


, share a video recording was made with another application and then you could just get on Facebook. Until recently the social platform made available to application users and recently-came exactly one week after Twitter Vine has included in its website, has decided to allow its users to make and share these activities directly from your website.


Another innovation that brings Facebook to mobile is that allow fans to share their favorite places by applying Nearby like Foursquare is making it easier for users, based on their location, knowing what sites can be visited due its proximity.
New features for iOS brings Facebook asemenja with Facebook Messenger, integrating voice message recording. The functions of iOS devices were deployed last week in the Android system.

For those interested in Facebook mobile, the application can be found on the App Store.

Source: VentureBeat

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