Reliability of the hosting. How to choose web hosting safely

When selecting a service web hosting , we always see at first what are the details of the service offered, compared to the price, we make comparisons between various services, see what our needs are and what are the services most meet our requirements.

All this is fine, and is essential in our choice. However, many times there appears to be hiding behind the facade of the company that provides the services. Often hosting companies we offer services that are impossible to meet. The best example is that of those who offer a 100% uptime.That’s virtually impossible, since, in the best case, barring any setbacks, the servers are maintained, and during that period of time, the website hosted on it, stay down.

There are many small servers that mount in a room of their homes and try to start a business, make a page where you can advertise their services, and ready. Then, they can not be 100% of the time observing the proper functioning, do not have time to answer all queries and perform all maintenance work is required, eventually giving bad service, even though it was not his intention .

The reliability of the hosting companies is essential at the time of the election. This does not mean we should pay high prices to the most reputable hosting companies (if we do, the better), as there are in the market for web hosting companies, some with less prestige but are highly reliable.

The reliability of a hosting service is something that really can be difficult to measure, especially for those with less experience in the field. To assist in the choice of hosting , we have prepared a number of points to consider and, if followed, will have some indication of the reliability of hosting offered.

Hosting companies and resellers

The first thing to avoid when hiring a hosting service, are the reseller hosting. Most resellersare healthy people with intentions of providing a service and earn some money at it. The problems start when you request technical support, and reseller , or can not meet user requirements, or does it in too long.

Imagine that we have a website that we have hired a hosting with a reseller. At one point, the “fall”, and as might be expected, contacted the support , in this case, the reseller. Possibly the reseller attempt in good faith to solve our problems, but not up to him, so possibly delay page to enter service again, with consequent damage to our economy.


Rarely pay attention to this point, we could put the most important to consider before hiring a hosting service. Unfortunately, when we make the mistake of not seeing the efficiency of supportand this is bad or there, when we realize, it’s too late.

Surely think it’s very difficult to know if the service has a good technical support . However, there are some signs and do some tests that will give us enough information to evaluate its efficiency.

A good sign indicating a willingness to provide adequate support , is the web presence des hosting service phone numbers to contact. This sets the tone of which have a service that can be counted instantly. When someone offers a service that can only contact via email, tells us two things: first, that certainly will not know whether to be manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to our site must be active, and Second, that probably will take at least a few hours in order to meet our requirements.

Before hiring a service, you should “bother” with our questions. This is intended to ensure that we provide the data that do not appear in the tender or have doubts about that, but it can also be a good indicator of the response speed and efficiency of care .

A good idea may be to try to contact the customer service outside office hours or on holidays.Even in these cases, our site must remain active, so we must assume that we will have services even in those moments.

Ask for opinions

A good idea is to seek the opinion of other people who have contracted the hosting or services you are evaluating. Today, there are many forums and websites where users make comments about the benefits or problems they have with their hosting services. If many people speak badly of hosting service that interests you, it would be best to go looking for another.

You may also know people who have more experience in the field, who can consult to learn “first hand” the quality of the service and may also suggest other quality services .

There is a very large list of forums where users can find opinions on this subject, so they can further investigate on their own opinions.

Probation and Refund

Some services offer a few days of testing to be having the opportunity to meet the service from within. This really makes no warranty (unless the probationary period has a considerable length of between 30 and 60 days), as the most common offerings ranges from 5 to 10 days, at which time we ride around by the control panel, use the installer and hang some test pages with a sub-domain . But keep in mind that in these short periods is impossible to make an accurate assessment of the benefits of the service.

Another thing is if the company offering the services has plans to return money to unhappy customers. This will also be within a period of time, but certainly much more reasonable. This is a good indication of the reliability of the site as they are sure to satisfy your needs.

The guarantees and the small print

There are many webmasters who have had the unpleasant experience of requesting the execution of warranty and get the response that it was not covered, only to discover that in the fine print of the terms of service say something about it.

This is something that, before hiring any of the hosting services offered on the web, we must keep in mind, because there are all standards of service and we know what to expect.

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