Relive and share your highlights of 2012 on Facebook

Want to recall the pleasant moments you lived this 2012? Facebook makes it possible. We tell you that the popular social network has made available to its users an application called “ Year in Review “, that will allow you to relive and share those unforgettable experiences . The same who received many “Like” and were the most talked about of all your posts.

If you want to use the application, just simply go to your personal wall. There will visualize an image with the message “Check the summary of your year 2012,” and immediately you click on highlighting the 20 most popular activities you’ve shared this year, including the most commented post or videos, which put in HHAs leading, inter alia. You will have the opportunity to share it on your wall if you wish.

highlights of 2012 with facebook

Also, Mark Zuckerberg‘s social platform has not only limited information to show the highlights of its users, but also conducted a comprehensive analysis to create a list of trends, such as chronic most important events, the most popular public figures, most played songs, the most widely read books, the most popular memes and more, you can find out by entering

enter the link will visualize the results of the lists vary by country, but also shows you a general list that includes all the worldwide trends in Facebook. Dare to share your 20 highlights on your wall, entering / yearinreview!

year in review facebook

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