SafeNet Launches Cloud Management Service encryption keys

SafeNet has launched Crypto Hypervisor, a cloud service generation, storage and management of encryption keys. Dave Hansen, CEO of the company, said he is actually offering the service mode the hardware security module ( Hardware Security Module , HSM) SafeNet Luna. A module also provides authentication of certificates and the company already offered as an appliance for virtualized and cloud environments. A new stage is thus crossed.

Dave Hansen for the launch of such a service is a response to the problem of the safe management of encryption keys: “very large manufacturers already use our solutions to problems” such as compromised certificates. Certificates “that can not afford to run naively” but that “some people use without really managing effectively.”

The service allows Crypto Hypervisor also create a catalog of cryptographic services to make them available to users of the company, at the request and allow their rapid deployment without intervention by IT staff.

Encrypting your information that’s saved in cloud management systems is vital to keeping trade secrets in-house and not allowing your competitive edge to dissolve.

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