Safety systems

As we know the security in computer systems is a set of measures to prevent, detect and correct the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data.

When we talk about insecurity in computing today is the growth of the Internet and the threats circulating on this huge network.

Based on this we can define columns in  security systems using the acronym: CIA means Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, namely confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Notice : This is a very important pillar as it defines the user, ie persons who are authorized to access that data.

Integridad: Es decir que quienes accedan a modificar la información sean usuarios autorizados a través de determinados procesos.

Availability : The system and its data, ie the resources available to authorized users, when necessary.

At present levels of protection of a computer should be very high for the team to consider “safe”. In the old days with a simple antivirus was sufficient, today an antivirus protection system with constant updates, unfortunately is no guarantee of safety or security. A more powerful antivirus firewall can make a good team. Today we think of the use of tools together make a good synergy.

Furthermore the use of a protecting antispyware of malware that exist in Internet.

As for the Internet connection, a router with a hardware firewall protection, this is another guarantee of the security of the Wi-Fi . The danger here is that committing a configuration error can cause a major security hole.

The LAN security configured properly, allows an adequate exchange of files and ensure the privacy of the documents that require privacy sum. An encrypted file manager serves to hide sensitive data.

Also do not forget that whoever carries out the navigation should have enough knowledge to avoid jeopardizing a secure system.

Many wonder if there is a more secure operating system than another, and the reality is that with the growing number of virus and force to act on the computer varies by operating system to work with the team in threat. There really is no operating system invulnerable, in some cases have different levels of security, without going any further in the case of UNIX and Linux variants, there are no viruses.

For commercial reasons the Windows operating system is often the target of developers and virus, however the Windows security drawbacks are due to carelessness of users and / or poor system configuration, application execution unreliable.

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