Salesforce built a suite to manage social advertising

Give marketing departments and agencies a suite of tools to manage their actions on Facebook and Twitter. With the launch of, complete functions Salesforce Radian6 and Buddy Media, two companies acquired by the specialist publisher of Saas.
A platform that links between advertising on social networks, listen to them and CRM functions. With the launch of, Salesforce completes its range of tools to launch and manage campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. A platform in beta for several months now, called Marketing Cloud. Note that the latter is already used by big names like Ford or advertising giant Omnicom.

If, officially launched yesterday, comes to cover the building, the foundations of the platform actually come from two acquisitions made by the firm of Marc Benioff (pictured): the Radian6 (acquired in 2011 to 326 million $), a tool for monitoring e-reputation on social networks, and the Buddy Media (acquired in June 2012 for $ 689 million), publishing solution ads on social networks.

Connect CRM, network monitoring and management campaigns complete with all management functions of advertising campaigns and the ability to combine information from the CRM platform home. What better target messages, limiting them to a particular category of customers or prospects, while keeping an eye on the conversations about the brand via the data provided by Radian6. “For marketers, it became possible to connect the advertising on social networks with their customers’ data and trends in real time to maximize the return on their advertising budgets,” says Michael Lazerow, marketing director of platform Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. also includes analytical tools to analyze the results of campaigns and receive alerts when deviations from the objectives. According to Salesforce, is able to perform automatic adjustments objectives. do not yet have all the promised features. Integration with CRM for real-time access to customer data (such as those from the loyalty program and marketing operations), or Radian6 (for listening to conversations on social networks) is promised for summer. pricing will be based on advertising budgets managed within the application.

According to a study by BIA Kelsey, ad spending on social networks is expected to double between 2012 and 2017 from 4.7 to $ 11 billion. According to Nielsen, 64% of advertisers plan to increase their spending on these media in 2013.

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