Salesforce opens its 1st European datacenter in Britain

Salesforce has made the choice to install its first Center of European calculation in the United Kingdom, in the South of England, confirmed the company’s Mark Benioff. The Californian company has partnered with NTT Europe, a subsidiary of NTT Communications, for the construction of the next centre (the 6th of the group in the world), which should be operational in 2014.

Mark Benioff indicates through this investment, it counts better serve its customers in Europe, which represents the region with the strongest growth for the group.

Especially, as we indicate our British colleagues from Papercrave (owned by TechTarget, as LeMagIT), the construction of a data center in Europe was a demand from some big customers of society, such as Philips, concerned about keeping their data in Europe and avoid having possibly to rub the US authorities under the Patriot Act.

Another gain for Salesforce, that to have more foot in the English public sector, whose ‘Cloud-first’ policy favours the cloud in IT purchasing procedures. The Government has also implemented its G-Cloud associated with a store of applications and providers referenced, the CloudStore.

According to NTT Europe, quoted in a press release, this centre will be powered 100% by renewable energy.

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