Samsung Galaxy S4, is it will be released at CES 2013?

samsung logo <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>Samsung Galaxy S4</strong>, is it will be released at <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>CES</strong> 2013?

Samsung has been setting the path they have to follow the manufacturers when making a phone of success. He did it in the past with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and then repeated the move with the launch of handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note and <strong > Samsung Galaxy S3. seems that this move is way repeated again and is that according to the latest rumors Samsung plans to release its Samsung Galaxy S4 at the upcoming CES to be held in January 2013 and not in the MWC to be held in February.

Rumors have begun due to the release of a teaser video but it is not that they can envision many things …

Undoubtedly celebration CES is ideal to introduce a device that lifts and such expectation is that the CES has become a great show and is used by many companies to showcase their latest products and are smartphones, tablets …. or other devices. While Samsung seems generally preferred to show his pitches in events dedicated you never know who can do this time.

Galaxy S3 came out was introduced last May and is now in full Christmas fight against against the iPhone 5, so it makes little sense to make people start to want the Galaxy S4 so soon, especially since it could reduce sales of S3.

Now we have spoken in the past about some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 , we are aware to see if confirmed …

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