Security Center has launched 360 anti-horse hung “in the browser

360,360 security Security Center has introduced version 3.0 of the browser, ostensibly to prevent this is the first horse hung “in the browser, the isolation mode of origin” can safely navigate users of “horse hung” network.

360 Xiang-Dong Qi, President, according to the Center for Security introduced the new 360 version 3.0 browser security implementation with the browser “sandbox” technology, a combination of a database malicious Web site that allows users to navigate safely “horse hung” page.

isolation mode called “is in the computer to create a virtual space is closed by a trojan virus web browsing in this environment, so that web pages can not reach systems Trojan real computer to avoid attacks on systems informatiques.Qi Xiang-Dong explained that this was in the hospital as a completely isolated from the sterile operating room, in which all the activities of carriers, and n ‘ not affect the outside world.

In addition, 360 Security browser version 3.0 also includes a database of malicious Web site, when users accidentally visiting “horse hung” page, the browser will automatically alarm 360, users simply press the mode insulation “, you can still visit all sécuritéla page.

It is understood that the horse “hung” website has become one of the threats of the largest Internet sécurité.Cette years, many sites have been known “horse pendu.360 surveillance data security center show that 6.7 months of this year Microsoft shortcomings successive three major risks 0day vulnerabilities exposed more than 200 million people have attacks Troie.Selon estimates, since 2009, nearly 3 million Chinese website, about 60 000 websites were “hung horse.”

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