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Regarding the e-mail security, mainly related to two aspects, an email client provides security, the second is the security of e-mail.

past 20 years, email has become one of the leading communications in the media, especially the speed that the service telephone and traditional mail.

Unfortunately, it is during this time, e-mail has been proven vulnerable to outside influence and attacks, including those who seek to undermine the implementation of the technology or if you want an illegal form of individuals and organizations. Results, security has become increasingly important to all users e-mail problem.

E-mail threats

Although email security is often considered an independent Wen Ti, in fact, there are several different threats Hunhe Wu, threats to destroy the computer all OK Dandu and fraud recipient, but also effectiveness of Sun Hai E-Mail, e-mail system reliability and confidence in gens.menaces E-mail can be divided into several types:

viruses, worms, Trojan horses: the three most heinous malicious code can Zuowei e-mail attachment to attract users to open or execute, they can destroy a data system of the host The zombie computer network stack remotely controlled, can even lead to huge losses on the economy bénéficiaire.Par example, there is a kind of Trojan horse known as keyloggers that can secretly record activity system can lead to malicious external users access to the bank accounts of the company, business intranet sites and other private resources.

Phishing: Phishing attacks use social networking projects can steal personal financial information and data financières.Ces attacks rely heavily on “wrong” messages directed to the fraudulent site, the beneficiary of deceiving the user enter sensitive financial data such as credit card numbers, account names, passwords and so suite.Les fishing, fraudsters usually a false figure to conceal their identity by those banks, online dealers, such as corporate credit card.

spam: spam and not the same virus is a major threat, spam can be extremely fast to drown the user’s inbox, making it difficult to see the user légitime.problème mail spam has become so severe that the user will give up the destruction of a spam e-mail or compte.Spam phishing and virus creators as the media.


email security

First, tools: use a secure email client

mail client is used to write, send and receive e-mail software security system E-mail to protect the main step is to adopt a mail client sécurité.Certains all email clients are too many loopholes that companies often fin.Ceci patch is caused by a large number of pirates attacking possibilités.avertit therefore.

Secondly, in the form: plain text

must say, without the user’s permission to perform certain operations on the things he may have been the effects of this préjudiciables.Le HTML document should contain such a factor, when the user clicks it is possible for the user of a website that most étrange.Bien client software can play a protective effect, but users want to disable it.

Microsoft Outlook Express, for example, describes his approach as follows: in which the configuration SMTP, POP3 mail server, click on “Tools” “Options” “read”, select “Read in text format brutTous information” (Figure 1)

Thunderbird, the user can select “Display” Message body “that” “plain text” (Figure 2)

course, this is not all problème.Nous are also concerned by the attachments of e-mail must be caused by problems sécurité.Annexe some files contain malicious code to take advantage of gaps in the system, users must be cautious.

users must pay attention to the following basic rules: If you really need an attachment, or do not download or open the e-mail security Zhiqian course, do not open to open an executable file before the need to maintain vigilance.

Third, a mechanism: the use of multiple layers of defense

against malicious software, such as e-mail system to protect the security, we also need to adopt a series of defensive measures, these measures constitute an impregnable fortress against Internet threats.

1. Security settings on the client side: in fact, all email clients are major characteristics provided a safe, anti-spam, anti phishing and other users should be fonctions.Les before they harm these features to prevent threats liées.Si Thunderbird security settings as follows: (Figure 3)


. Firewall: Firewall Many enterprise level can not only prevent the bombing but also the filtering of malicious code in the appendix to protect the security of the system messagerie.Bien course, this requires pre-defined rules businesses.

3. Encryption: Not only the need to prevent malicious e-mail reaches the user’s desktop, but also to protect the mail sortant.Le easiest is to use encryption, outgoing messages become unauthorized personnel can not read formulaire.Dans the process of sending e-mail, users can also use a transmission channel cryptée.Par example: In Outlook Express, you can perform the following settings, click on “Tools” “Options” “Security” where users need to set the digital identity and so on.As shown below: (Figure 4)

course, encryption may be a firewall or additional software to complete.

use 4. Rational anti-virus tools: For the moment, many anti-virus tools can be integrated into Outlook Express mail clients and others, and can find and remove viruses, mail worms, Trojan horses and so suite.Des software such as Duba has this fonction.Comme shown below (Figure 5)

5. Spam filters: a good spam filter can distinguish between legitimate mail and spam, and can make the user’s inbox spam.Cependant of pain, the use of these components requires skill and proper operation, otherwise may be a large number of legitimate messages inbox of the user to delete, but some mails inspection. But now the spam identification technology has been greatly improved, which can make spam filters more accurate.

Fourth, institutional users and ideological education

I’ve had a few articles on this question.En particular, we focus on user activity on the effectiveness of education, otherwise it will become a mere formality, there is no effect . Basically, the most important to protect user training e-mail to allow users to manage e-mail security to protect compétences.Une knowledge and understanding of these threats to the users e-mail not open a chest there may be virus infected attachments or click on links or perform other hazardous activities.

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