Select MSN or QQ file transfer mass works Jiemi IM

Often in online chat with friends, often in the exchange of documents, such as music, movies, images, etc., some files of several megabytes, tens of megabytes or even hundreds megabytes, the message is certainly not working, then the network drive? Plentysont Free and paid too little and not enough pas.Donc, we often use QQ, MSN and other instant messaging (IM) software, but also communication software, we can also transfer data.

QQ and MSN should be our most popular software of IM, but I think many people have noted, both software when transferring files, MSN QQ much slower, of course, n ‘ MSN is not absolute and each transmission is slow, most certainly maisC’est cas.Ce at the end yes yes why? Let us take a look what.

Essentially speaking, QQ is based on TCP / UDP communication software, and MSN is software-based communication protocol TCP network communication protocol in-depth understanding and application, QQ MSN 和, has different ideas with each other.

So how communication QQ? In the TCP / IP protocol, uniquely identifies an application process that socket, it is the network layer IP address and port number of the transport layer to achieve with the same IP address on the network to internegrâce numbers different port to identify the different processes of QQ, QQ server when you visit, the server will keep your reserved IP address and port number, and your friends list QQ in the posting process, then twoA process can communicate up.

Usually, the computer must first send the file server by IP address the message sent to the receiving computer, and when the receiving computer, has agreed to receive the confirmation message to the new server , news server file transfer, and establish a good dialogue.Immédiatement, the sending computer and receiving computer will determine the best port in the range, began to establish a TCP connection or UDP extraction paper connections and transmission.

By default, the priority QQ to use the UDP (User Data Protocol, User Datagram Protocol) to transmit data, while a high reliability of data communication systems often use TCP to transmit données.Avec of different TCP, UDP does not provide a mechanism for verifying data transmission – in the process of transferring files all is lost if the data provided, the agreement itself makes no detection or rapide.Par Therefore, the UDP as it is usually not a reliable transport protocol.

UDP does not apply to answers, limiting the software required to use this design goal coincided with the line QQ, QQ if the priority of all the functions of this application protocol. Yet because UDP is unreliable, often for various reasons are unable to send messages or data (and sometimes send the file Ji Fa Xian Dui Fang received other than Yao Qiu Gen Benshou receive documents message. Huoshi send a message when the other did not receive a message). Obviously, UDP exclusion as a reliable mechanism for transferring information, and security functions for sorting the transfer to the higher demand, which significantly reduces the execution time, if the speed is garantie.QQ more attention in the transmission of data on actual performance in order to achieve better use of results, often at the expense some of fiabilité.Par Therefore, the use QQ to transmit data, in many cases become a “good” choice.

transmission within the network generally preferred QQ faster file transfer QQ is the person directly to the person using the transmission method has the advantage P2P without transit, and the servers are in the country, transmission performance of GI foreign software.


QQ, MSN, let principle transmission.Le full name of MSN MSN Messenger, Microsoft has released a software communication time réel.MSN Messenger with its outstanding performance and ease of use, has been among the world the most used instant messaging programs (instant messaging software), the country also has a large number of users, is supported only with a can and QQ IM logiciel.Aujourd ‘Today, MSN, and more communication Internet is also widely used outside the local network, such as schools, agencies, public corporations, and other internal staff exchanges.

TCP used by MSN, it included checking mechanism transfert.Le data transmission protocol in authentication mechanism is often a receiver receives information automatically reply to the sender of a message confirmation, which sometimes appear in congestion delays or line side, although MSN Xianshilianjie appears normal “information can not be XXXXenvoyé to all recipients. “

better when the network environment, used by MSN TCP performance may be low, mainly because of its security features in a network environment poor QQ UDP protocol used in text messages can dangereux.Toutefois , audio, video and image transmission, UDP, and have a faster élevée.De value than a new version of QQ support HTTP function to maintain the UDP fast, while up to offline due to causes réseau.En fact, the network based on the TCP protocol file transfer will be higher probability of disconnection, which is why many people prefer MSN QQ to transfer files instead of a.En fact, even including the network, the UDP data transfer should be much higher than the efficiency of TCP.

According to the information above, we know the reason why two types of instant messaging software, communications, file transfer speed is different, not because we had heard that the server “in MSN a foreign country “and so on, but because the agreement does QQ and MSN, if any, are not mêmes.Donc now most users should use QQ, MSN fois.La to the understanding of these , later in life, work, we can offer various reasons choose to use different instant messaging software, communications, we must do our improved efficiency.

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