Siemens PLM Software software version NX6

synchronous modeling technology based on innovative design and advanced non-binding simulation allows users to “redouble”

Beijing (21 May 2008) – leader of the Siemens Industry Automation Division global supplier management product lifecycle (PLM) software and services provider, today announced that Siemens PLM Software NX Version 6 software digital product development, including Siemens PLM Software recently released by the simultaneous modeling technology offers new features.

Siemens PLM Software today in Boston at its annual industry analyst, the new publication.

Siemens PLM Software NX product development, said Joan Hirsch, vice president: “NX6 released last month, our first discoveries of productivity in the design of the implementation technology. We synchronous modeling techniques in NX, made in the design, simulation and manufacturing capacity to improve significantly. This release enhances our strong momentum, but also accelerated the NX increase market share. “

Nissan Motor Co. (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.) information management process management service R & Keigo Fukushi, general manager, said: “The implementation of the NX productivity increased far exceeded our expectations in all, our operational efficiency has improved by 20% CAD. We believe the NX team will continue to help us achieve long-term product development. “

Four key NX 6 innovations

* More flexibility – design in the “non-binding (Design Freedom)” respect, NX6 offers users a new flexibility, this flexibility comes from the simultaneous modeling, process modeling can be directly in the editor is Simple. “Design without constraint” is a combination of technical constraints led to the direct modeling of the best place to provide users with 100 times faster than the previous design experience.

• More powerful – NX6 solutions by integrating CAD / CAM / CAE to address highly complex issues. NX6 Advanced Simulation capabilities to meet the most demanding CAE challenges, reduced by 30% for physical prototypes.

• More coordination – NX6 unified process for collaborative product development, improving process efficiency, reduce cycle time by 20%. For example by treatment with base function.

* More efficient – NX6 through reuse, such as scrapbook modeling features and other significant improvements, while 40% of cycles, to bring greater efficiency engineers and designers. With NX6, engineers can directly in their design, analysis and manufacturing processes using a variety of CAD data, thereby reducing the processing time to improve the analysis and re-request access to information, the access to greater productivity.

modeling techniques based on synchronous “design without constraint, more flexible

Synchronization with the application layer modeling the latest technologies, design NX6 develop a “non-binding” feature. NX6 “design non-binding” provides for the creation and editing of the geometry of the new method. These improvements make CAD for product life cycle is more difficult for all parties involved, including designers, engineers, analysts and manufacturing engineers.

new “active selection” elements to enhance the required degree of intelligent design. These advanced features can automatically identify the logic of data selection and relationship characteristics, as well as external data.

Hisense Air Conditioning Engineers Fenglian Guo, Director of Development, said: “NX6 functionality of the” non-binding design “reduces engineers to expedite matters outside the complex non-parametric model, we can easily use data from an external CAD software, and does not concern the existence of characteristic parameters, and the model is more flexible and faster editing capabilities. There is no doubt that this will be a powerful assistant engineers, largely change the way engineers work. “

more “non-binding design”, NX5 NX6 via an improved user interface based on roles, gives users more flexibility to continue to improve the user experience. NX6 user interface adds full screen mode to maximize the drawing, an increase of screen pop-up menu can be customized to speed up the interaction. In this way, if casual users or more experienced users can use the CAD system.

construction of U.S. society and mining machinery automation experts Hughes Christensen said Elango Ramanathan: “The latest version of NX improving my efficiency and productivity. customizable pop-up menus that improve speed. Now I can order my favorite of all are placed under the mouse, no need to re-select the command from the menu bar. use all my screen space for graphics, really well, which simplifies the design complex and labor intensive. “

advanced simulation capabilities, more powerful

NX6 continued development of the vision of Siemens PLM Software life cycle simulation, simulation throughout the product life cycle, in addition, in order to promote high quality design and product innovation . The new version includes a set of powerful simulation of multi-sector solutions to meet leading experts of CAE analysis, designers and design engineers need.

NX6 flow simulation and advanced integrated solutions for Advanced Thermal expansion. Can achieve the full range of coupled multi-physics simulation, including conduction, convection, and liquefaction. In addition, new FE model correlation capabilities enable CAE engineers to the effective enforcement measures in the physical prototype to verify the accuracy of the simulation results. Thus, the accuracy focuses on design decisions better.

Foton Automotive Engineering Research Institute of CAE by Miss Liu Liping, deputy director, said: “We NX6 interest in the new CAE functions, depending on the way before and after treatment or NX Nastran solver computing power Engineers are always concerned about our analysis the problem in which the CAD / CAE integrated mode of inheritance of traditional strengths of your software, the neutral surface extraction and revision to keep pace with other software pre processing. Another response to the virtual ground in the treatment liquid container, line contact resolution method, we also left a deep impression. We look forward to the opportunity to try this product. “

Around the world may be on the centralized management of data access, greater coordination

life cycle of products in the NX CAD / CAM / CAE integration feature to ensure better coordination. This integration process can be centrally managed knowledge during a visit to accelerate product development.

With product information and manufacturing (PMI) data, information products are used in downstream applications. NX6 use PMI data significantly improved the life cycle of information flow. NX CAM and automated programming based on the entities associated with a 20% reduction in NC programming time.

In addition, NX Advanced Simulation (NX Advanced Simulation) can also use the new CAE and Teamcenter data model for the simulation of the structure of the assembly CAE (CAE Assembly Product Structure) to learn more about product knowledge. Teamcenter integration with the process of developing new products to make global changes, including the integration of simulation tools for the business and internal data.

NX6 also capacity management data faster to improve interoperability. The new product version of the new Teamcenter architecture using the latest performance. This work is scattered in different places the user is particularly important, the real-time exchange of information is particularly crucial.

Using NX Geolus search feature, engineers can now be features such as the size and general shape of the parts search. Geolus Search is a 3D search engine, such as the size and shape depending on the geometric characteristics such as the rapid discovery of parts. Search results can include parts Geolus NX, JT data or data from other CAD systems.

Throughout the life cycle for reuse, more efficient

NX is a leader in the competition for an important function of the system is CAD / CAM / CAE environment to capture and reuse knowledge. NX6 enhances product reuse, reduce design time important new features. “Design without constraint” allows users to add intelligence if necessary to preserve the spirit of multi-CAD design.

Italian Avio Corporation (Avio SpA) in the CAD-CAM portfolio manager Danila Marco, said: “NX6 edition new features so that we can quickly and easily change, it is really amazing. You can change from other CAD systems Import data without needing to know the history of these data. In addition, the JT format integration process in the Assembly also took a big step forward, the new interface is very intuitive, very attractive. “

also supports NX6 also called “cut and paste model” of the new workflow, which allows the user to cut, copy and paste the framework of the model, increasing the reuse of geometry. This can reduce up to 70% of the preparation of the model.

more knowledge reuse in product design, NX can also be reused in the manufacturing process flow, thereby reducing the manufacturing cycle. For example, the new database NX6 process knowledge (NX6 Machining Knowledge Database) machining feature stores based support process automation programming and share best practices of business. machine tool kits also pre-built to accelerate the implementation.


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