Since I’m stubborn uninstall the software

First, uninstall the software easy


MyUninstaller, it is a green software. Program will automatically search the system running the software has been installed, if you want to uninstall the software simply select and right click in the pop-up window select “Uninstall selected software”, so you can easily uninstall is complete (Figure 1) (soon to know: can not uninstall Rising fan).

Figure 1

If we have more software to uninstall and uninstall this one is much slower. We can open the “View” menu, click “Advanced Mode” in the pop-up window asking you to confirm the switch to advanced mode, so that we can Ctrl and Shift key combination to select multiple uninstall the software, select Right-click and directly in the pop-up menu, select “Uninstall Selected Software” button (quick: how to uninstall IE8.0).

Second, display information about software

No need to install software to make changes to the registry, so how can we know to install the program anywhere in the registry, what changes were made? In fact, you need not have been difficult to see the software selected, open the “View” menu, select “HTML Report – Selected Items” command, will soon implement a web page installation path display software, home, installation time, the register of important details such as the (soon to know: Add / Remove Programs can not be used).

addition to the method above, we can be certain software, click on the toolbar “is a trunk” in the Properties window to open the software the same software, you can view detailed information, such as installation time, the registry key, etc. (Figure 2).


with a small program to help long Spirit, is it not as soon uninstall stubborn finished! In addition, 1392.htm also describes the detailed operation of the software to uninstall, uninstall the software for non-persistent anti-people have no reference.

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