Skills: Two bills to restore the lost QQ Friends

QQ is now used increasingly in use but when people encounter difficulties in implementing policies do not know how résoudre.Par example, some people put the original back QQ stolen in number, often find that their friends information was plus.D others do accidentally delete a friend, but I do not know how you want to recover to find.

In fact, these headaches is apparently not difficult to résoudre.OK now I teach friends retrieval cheats only two shots.

Tips 1: It is actually very simple trick Cheats, many of my friends might think after seeing this is not the tricheurs.Hey, this trick is simple, but very few people know. Since you do not know if I will not tell you that it is Cheats a.En fact, the problem for the restoration of friends QQ, Tencent QQ launched friends easily restore the système.Tout that you must identify huifu . can see this system, three boxes on the page is very simple, you fill QQ number, password and authentication code, the form is complete, click connect to système.Sur this page You can choose from three options: to restore deleted friends in four weeks, only restore deleted within two weeks of recovery friends and be removed within a week of its amis.C is as long as they are removed from the month of friends, you can choose restaurer.Lorsque you press the “Submit” button to confirm the options, so the whole problem is résolu.Tiens, members of the QQ is indeed the entire solution then log as it re-QQ, deleted the contact list again rétablie.Mais also for ordinary users, a small operation, after reconnection QQ QQ main panel also need to click on “Menu” in the pop-up menu, select “friends” information in the sub-optionsSélectionnez “Friends” Update can be.

Tips 2: This trick is designed for those who are not able to recover the flight number of QQ friends to prepare, then you can apply a new QQ, but it turned out that several hundred friends but do not know how trouverRetour.Ecoute, you must first login with a new number one, and then close the QQ, this is done to create a new folder QQ.Ensuite in the C drive Program Files Tencent files photos, you can see the folder QQ, you will find after opening the initial number of records and QQ QQ number of new cases are ici.nombre QQ to open the original folder, find the “user.db file” This is your list of friends. Copy and then open a new folder in the QQ number is also a user.db “overwrite files, then open the QQ landing. Look at your new QQ is not back friends list. But do not get too excited, you will find that they will never ligne.Première on Do not worry, the next most important step we had to open the Friends Manager, select the friends list of people they want to add, if people choose to 按着 CTRL key, select the line just after lasélectionné all foreign friends pulled a column, see here, you may ask why you want to delete ah? as a key step to persuade the résurrection.Ensuite for foreigners in the area, the same as just select your friend, then they will withdraw from the friends list, the resurrection of success, but things can keep you busy for a while, this time to confirm ànécessaires many friends outside of the dialog box, you take your time with it, even if this approach a bit silly, but the goal is reached.

OK now friends must find QQ in the back, and then what to do, the cat? Not in a hurry to apply password protection now! While lost QQ

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