SOA middleware has been the implementation of the “way” approach

favorable to the formation of foreign manufacturers unlike domestic manufacturers SOA middleware is not fanaticism, this assertion is the next revolution in the software industry for Chinese companies software is the chance to break ? Similarly, water, foreign companies with a real high potential energy, the potential energy of a waterfall formed another job, while domestic firms or rivers, ruisseaux.Cette management products, domestic enterprises have a great understanding and practice of the relationship.

Currently, the vast majority of domestic manufacturers SOA middleware to implement the track “approche.Dans the past, middleware is based on the technology as a driver, but now the company has become middleware technology and product development strength motrice.technologies SOA and Web services technology, middleware has been made on purely technical effects, and joined the commercial property.

innovative commercial middleware CEO Liu Jiangning said: “In the year 2003, we can say that the market is almost middleware IBM, BEA and other international giants middleware monde.Depuis 2003 the rapid development of software interne.En 2005, the bailiff industry middleware in a new twist, domestic manufacturers against one-attaque.CCID published ‘2005-2006 Annual Report of the middleware software market “data, we can see that last year made middleware market share 6.3 percentage points. “In management systems and progressive approach this process, the original operating system, middleware has become the platform common form.

domestic middleware, such as creation software, the neck of the East, and prestige, etc. actually launched a bus-based products SOA middleware, and the ability to deploy and use SOA.Mais they do not go to the market over the spéculation.TongTech said they already have many successful cases of SOA applications, especially in e-government it ci.En addition, the East through some offers, “both traditional techniques can SOA” solution to two suppliers.

Proposed the concept of SOA is to solve B2B integration business dynamique.Bien that SOA has become a trend, but not yet reached the scale of the national extension and application stage.

National Defense University Professor Wang Huaimin point to a very important point, foreign companies are very good at creating new ideas, which is Chinese companies need to learn foreign outstanding among suppliers of middleware.

Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission of the traveler in the league recently published “The big SOA strategy development and technology Alliance to promote strategies,” said the great opportunity to enjoy SOA in China to promote SOA, again changing the structure of the industry chain of value, and seek a more grandel’espace market, but also to actively promote the industry side, the right to speak.

认为 Middleman, SOA is actually because the Web technology spread Chenggong, 将 Web services in a greater expansion Of a part, stems from the disc technology, in part because manufacturers need find new in the technology market with a Shi Qu.Faut that SOA training easier easier to promote a wider, but also close to the user, and in the development of future technology on chemical and biological intelligence services may have a positive role to advance.

“If you use SOA to solve the problem on the Internet, they felt it was too complicated, if for SOA to solve the problems of distributed applications, it can not solve.” Middleman said in a sense, SOA is a new marketing model manufacturers, is old wine in a beaker of new foreign manufacturers for much of their original delivery of the product, so that the promotion is positive, etCette depth access users through the promotion and marketing, of course, there will naturally bring their own software for the innovation and transformation of benign interaction.

SOA and Web services are now closely liés.Les popular Web services provide the technology and SOA provides a framework for the application of this technology is a very good idea, it has been recognized by the software industry in general . Middleware for Web applications have simplified and help each other to connect on the role of mutual visits.

Currently, almost all new types of middleware, middleware products support new Web services, SOA can be realized according to their application.Pour this reason, people will realize SOA middleware as a platform idéale.Avec such a natural connection, middleware, SOA is increased exposure riding a wise choice.

Wang Zhiwei Liu Jiangning

and agree that the internal middleware products, after years of painstaking practice and accumulated some strength, but after all the domestic and international middleware middleware in the total giants there is still a distance .

In the coming years, even this year, focusing on ventilation in their own areas of penetration depth, and strengthen competitive advantage local.Une differentiation strategy more professional and market segmentation continue to compete with international giants to achieve greater market share.

Wang Zhiwei

​​believes that companies should be more internal middleware middleware systems positioned around the technical service support efforts to make products more personalized, flexible technology, friendly and properties of the optimization. demand on internal market is entering a period of strong middleware, and security of information and information integration, and personalized service to meet the fine, the middleware Chinese business has a particular advantage of the use these advantages, Chinese firms are perfectly capable of middleware middlewareCe offensive war to gain more space, create a strong competitive advantage.

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