SOA middleware to see how the market changes have led to new

In the field of middleware BEA and IBM hover for many years to worry whether they will fall from the throne, as a wave of consolidation has unwittingly let “market Spring and Autumn” re-staging .

Evolution of the situation and the source

Everyone will change a fuse, change in this middleware market, the initiator is the SOA.

early August 2005, has always been a management software such as databases and CRM itself ORACLE driver’s condition suddenly announced, according to third advisory body statistics, the synthesis of middleware global market share from the second, and so simply the volume calculation, Oracle has even won the first position.

Similarly, since 2003, officially launched in the Chinese market, Hitachi JP1 information system middleware product also argued with JP1 products are recognized by a growing number of users in 2005, occupied 10% share internal market in the middleware planning is also done in an orderly manner. Leaving aside the accuracy of this information and data, the number of such arguments can make people feel the spread of middleware prepares changing market.

Must say that manufacturers have chosen this time middleware as an advanced marketing course. With the integration of on-demand applications users more urgent, which acquired the right to speak in this area, which means opportunities to compete for the secret key. Therefore, the interests of pilots with more than a decade quiet middleware market structure is becoming a complex and competition between several occasions it is not surprising.

statistical data, middleware products in the global market in 2004 reached 7.2 billion U.S. dollars, and in 2005, continued strong growth. The domestic market is expected for 2005 sales volume of 16.8 billion yuan, up 31.5% in 2004, the next 5 years the rate of market growth will reach 25%. The fundamental study, consolidation in the telecommunications industry to promote the middleware market is undoubtedly one of the main engines. Such a huge market space for a large number of middleware providers have no reason not to this potential market forward.

new opportunities for those involved

Appear in the IDC, the concept of SOA should result in higher market has caused the deepest cause of the smoke. “As business users, adapting to change requires De, forced the system must be a life of Ti Shi, reduces the energy business environment changes constantly evolving De Sheng Fa, and Jubei Rouxingkuochong , Suishi support changing business processes Jichugongneng. Zhengshi For this reason, service-oriented architecture enables the integration of market competition running high. “IDC (China) Company Vice President, Business Development Director of the Mannings said.

certain level, for example, the SOA was more than just a concept of middleware and EAI integration, which is actually a method that can be further integration of IT and telecommunications new model brand. If only use traditional EAI middleware model will be the operator of the business support and various management systems in an integrated platform to manage data flows and flows more smoothly and the SOA is more reach the stage, trying to make the entire IT infrastructure more flexible and can change depending on user needs for the adaptations and additions at any time. It is based on the reasons SOA middleware has become more and more software vendors BEA and IBM middleware challenge the market dominance of a shortcut, because the idea of ​​standing before the emergence of SOA, each manufacturer is new intervention, these opportunities exist at any time.

Competition in progress


waives this Contest, each company needs to do everything. This is the only law of life.

manufacturers began to move. “Business demand is the fundamental driving force to implement SOA, HP is also based on customer demands in a more flexible architecture for middleware platforms and IT strategy with appropriate adjustments. Comparison with other manufacturers, HP in the heterogeneous environment of information processing capacity and adaptive management and developed the technology and methodology, and have an advantage, allowing HP implementation process and business change expert level of experience. but with BEA, Oracle, SAP and other vendors have a good relationship HP makes a win-win strategy to help reduce market quickly. “HP Consulting and Integration Business Unit General Manager of the telecommunications industry, said Xu Antwerp.

inclusive strategy with different HP, Oracle finger straight at BEA and IBM. “Compared to 2004, the Asia-Pacific telecommunications, media and the Ministry of Public Services in the application of product sales increased 93% in the Technical Product revenues increased 29% in the communications industry, the largest share of revenue. In the middleware market, Oracle and BEA first space is quite small. “ORACLE Greater China communications, media and utilities industry claims Roger Li, Managing Director.

In addition to major international companies on the middleware piece of sculpture and eat the cake, the competition between traditional middleware vendors have never stopped. Received in 2001, China Unicom in 15 provinces and high technology unit of the East Although more effort is oriented e-government market, but over the years with BEA, IBM has created a position to argue that the middleware market and promote inspired Kingdee, UF, in the middleware home, and many other innovative companies to join this field as a force can not be ignored.

market is not too late to recruit veterans of the battle of Qi in the competition, the only criterion for winning is to see who can best meet the needs of clients. Of the telecommunications industry in this segment of the market point of view, although the direction of different manufacturers are locked in a SOA this new opportunity, but operators are not necessarily the same idea.

SOA is certainly a trend, or there will be no influx of vendors many years. However, to really pass up this opportunity to develop and become a reality in the market space, may also need time to wait.

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