Social networks will force the email to the end

Introduction: Media Analysis Foreign Affairs of articles published recently noted, many young Internet users have abandoned their Yahoo or Hotmail email account, so users of any age if necessary

In 2002, the United States, the number of Internet users has increased considerably. The telephone was used by the elderly, for an e-mail, the means obtained with the younger generation a new way to communicate. They believe that if children do not often go to call home, you can exchange e-mail. However, they soon found that the younger generation of Internet users prefer to use instant messaging, e-mail has become the symbol of the trend. For Internet users aged 25, they can not imagine the consequences of not using e-mail, but for the young Facebook users, it is difficult to imagine that, before the Internet, based primarily on e-mail communication.

Around 1996, Internet users should not forget that it was the first e-mail sent after feeling my excitement. They think that the Internet is changing people’s lives, and e-mail communication speed and comfort can be described as unprecedented. means, however, after 10 years, e-mail communication has become obsolete. Pew (Pew) “Internet and American Life,” a 2005 report of the research project, all young Internet users in the United States, compared to e-mail, and nearly 50% more likely to share with friends via instant messaging.


traffic monitoring agency comScore has released a report last year said that when young Internet users use e-mail fell by 8% compared to the same period users of all ages corresponding increased use of 6%. With mobile phones, blogs and social networking sites more popular, more and more Yahoo, Hotmail email account is not being used. The reason for this is that e-mail is not perfect. And instant messaging, SMS, blogs and social networking sites and other new media come from behind, as they are for the disadvantages of e-mail.

For the younger generation of users, they will not e-mail sent to friends gathering information, but upgrade the blog phone or user information from Facebook and other means. Compared to e-mail, instant messaging, much faster, and can get information immediately. More blog, social networking sites and other new methods, the younger generation can not e-mail users will be able to achieve the purpose of rapid communication. Communication of young users over the exchange of life, real-time communication with the interactive features of this just to satisfy their needs, and e-mail is not a lot of time alone, and do not a lively exchange of instant messaging features.


But for older users, they pay more attention to the content of the discussions. E-mail to communicate with those who leave more space to think, a lot of e-mail content is of great value. Instead, the information is read immediately after the communication is basically no need to add to reserves. Instant communication of information as a classified ad, a look that is forgotten, and e-mail information to better stimulate the reader’s dream, its content can not manifest the inner feelings of the writers. To some extent, the first generation of Internet users and the second generation of Internet users use e-mail between the attitude of the generation gap “existing.” Young Internet users e mail rejected, but in a variety of business communication, email is still the primary means of communication.

So how to resolve this conflict? The most effective way to deal with the Internet or the older generation of the development trend of Internet users have taken the initiative to use instant messaging, blogs and social networking sites for ranks . While watching the first generation of Internet users were satisfied with the e-mail communication induced by the practice, but the technology has been changing e-mail as an antique. However, perhaps the use of e-mail will decline, but it will not go away. Another tool, e-mail and instant messaging such as not opposing, the user can perfectly be used in combination at a time. Thanks to a new mobile phone, users can already send and receive e-mail, instant messaging, text messaging, blog updates, including all information. It looks like old Internet users by e-mail exchanges do not feel overwhelmed.

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