Software Alliance: the proportion of pirated software in China has fallen by 10 percent for three years

May 16

News, U. S. Business Software Alliance (BSA, Business Software Alliance) announced on Tuesday that, despite three years, the proportion of the global software piracy has remained the same, but the losses of the software company has continued to grow.

The Associated Press reported, BSA-based market research IDC, said the investigation concluded, turnover licensed software U.S. $ 2 each, there is a dollar lost to piracy Software.

“It is discouraging that the proportion of pirated software in the world as a whole has not changed.” BSA CEO Robert Freeman, said Hao. “Because the market is in growth, so that the loss was very concerned about growth. “

BSA noted that while piracy in 2005-2006, the proportion fell from 62 countries, but some of the most serious piracy was harvested in some areas offset by growth in PC sales.

BSA, in its report argues that in 2006 all the software installed on personal computers, 35% have been obtained illégalement.Il is expected in the next 4 years due to software piracy company has lost about 180 billion U.S. dollars.

According to critics, the exaggerated figures because users can not buy pirated software to pay full price.

Hao Freeman stressed that piracy over the last three years, the ratio has fallen from 10% in China, as a software company to restore the loss of approximately U.S. $ 864 millions.La China is the second to U.S. second largest market for PC.

He said that the achievements of China taking the Middle East and Africa were offset by the growth of pirated software.

The report will

Armenia, Moldova and Azerbaijan as worst piracy in the world, saying that these countries use the software 20 is only obtained légalement.Dans the same time, the United States, New Zealand and Japan, although claiming to be the country most law-abiding, but in these countries have only a quarter of the software is pirated software.

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