Spam prevention ultimate Raiders

Spam is a serious matter. According to China Internet Society of China announced the 2004 survey report spam

China GDP

current waste handling spam as much as 4.8 billion yuan, users of China e-mail can now receive e-mail an average of 7.05 per person per day, including 185 marked mails or 26.2%.

dangers of spam is difficult to say a few words about me, the only wrong is a waste of time.


spam? Spam? How to prevent spam? I think reading this article, you must be harvested.

I. Why spam

This principle is not complicated, there are e-mail with tools such as privacy, it is spam such a market. This family has frequently reported cases of public health, supermarket shopping guide and unsolicited SMS, etc are the same, to meet the needs of advantages, a steady stream of spam from first day of the birth of the Internet on the opposite side that exist.

Secondly, spam

Often browsing some websites, forums, are required to be registered, at least leave a contact so that its mark on the Internet. Many spammers are automatically reflected on the collection address E-mail, once transformed into a list of spam, a member of your mailbox will probably be an endless stream of spam using these.

Third, how to control spam?

This question has many answers, is finally the subject of the article!

1, E-mail named to be reasonable

Not all spammers are collected by the first address, then send individual use of dictionaries that extreme to send, commonly used terms can be stored in the dictionary file and then mix @ domain suffix can be easily sent to go online search can be found at a number of similar software. Here is an example: the apple is a common word in English, but many people take it as the name, if you are lucky enough [email protected] registered mail, received a very high probability of spam.

And so, here are some names of mailboxes unreasonable, for example, the registered name is Wang Xiaohong: [email protected]

a bad reason: his name when the name of mailbox, not conducive to the protection of privacy, very easily become the object ‘dictionary spamming. If the change wxhong @. Com or [email protected], then the probability of being hit by a dictionary is very low, if combined with numbers on the back, it’s even better.

[email protected]

the wrong reasons: for example, in a number of years and this is the name of mailbox, it is easy to think of the date of birth is not conducive to the protection of life private, vulnerable even. If [email protected] change the embarrassing situation of mobile number 623 546, after six years, but this is very common and easy to remember safety.

Summary of

: Name E-mail must be special, the best combination to allow symbols such as dots, underscores, etc. combined with the number (which is also set safety tips secret codes) and as the name of the more difficult words typical of spam attacks, for example, 10 mailboxes behalf of all the six software mails are sent from the beginning low. In the name of progress, look to the future ease of use: easy to remember, easy to remember others, for example the number zero and the uppercase letter O confusion, try to avoid.
2, wireless stage name


in the forum and other places of their own mailbox, would first examine the above-mentioned acquisition process Youjian search, search engines are now so advanced that you can use your own mailbox to make a small test directly in Google or Baidu search your mailbox full name, if recognized many a number of spam you receive is very necessary. Cruel is done to save time in Gmail chat history can be today, how confidentiality you


Need to leave the place without a specific mailbox @ identity, because they are the objects of specific research. Skip to apple dot com xxx or Apple [[xxx] dot] com will be safe, and it is a foreign policy forum signature methods such as mail, of course, a prerequisite is to see people understand . But I never use this method, because we put one foot in front, that means replacing only some simple research this address as long as the search functions are simple changes you can perform a new search for your address. Here recommend the following methods have been used by many people, which makes the electronic signature on the image. intelligent search engines and then the face of the human brain needs to identify graphics or some difficulty.

production method is simple, visit enter your name as the apple, then select the appropriate suffix automatically generated. You can then use to save images directly or save the image address, the next time need to stay in the mailbox can download an image or link code, what follows is a collection of essays carefully signing British email can provide some sophisticated sites:

Generator icon E-Mail

This should be at the origin, and can produce more than 20 kinds of suffix-mail actually contains the QQ and Sina domestic mail, while supporting code

email signature generator

Java script must support Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, AOL, great features, including custom suffix


This is a Chinese, you can create signatures fancy features like MM popular recommend something.

See on himself
3, anti-spam filter


in email client software, including the web interface has this feature, for example, there are two methods of implementation Foxmail: List of law and list learning method: The filter must belong to the scope of the management of e-mail. Will not receive spam or address of the blacklist, all addresses in the rejection letter Yigai, or set the white list, in addition to addresses outside the whitelist rejection Yigai.

blacklist, as long as watching the spam epidemic is a current problem: spammers rarely use the same mailbox name will not be sent because of the ongoing crackdown on spam, increasingly result. Thus, the blacklist function is used to prevent not want to see the letter, for example, has fallen out with someone online, to be implemented in the filtering mail refused, j ‘ would use Zhe offers: – p. To the white list, the most classic to the number of Hotmail mailboxes, and because it is the oldest e-mail, hotmail spam is more than ever, but the good news features are very strong anti-white list can be set here.

Learning: Foxmail it this option, but need to learn more than N messages to use this feature, and the accuracy to be tested. I think it is the ISP message must be, what is the source filters, for example, “are money, sex articles” and other words. Gmail, 126, etc. are made in this area as well. In Gmail, if the net, and can easily click a button to report spam and go to a special spam folder, small things handy.

in Figure 2 Gamil Report Spam

BTW: one third of anti-spam software is working this way, the name of the software are AntiSpam, a huge collection of junk good database e-mail address.

4, E-mail self

This is a simple question with a mailbox or work for outside contact with friends, a website and subscription email address used to register or more. These are the first two years of extensive publicity and mass popularity, leading to the current mailbox cybersquatting chaos. Apart from this side, if you really do, there is no complacency in terms of Charles’s letter to see some mailboxes, and even more do not remember that, anyway, which you think they want to see the final result is the mailbox most commonly used or.

In fact, email providers are trying to make improvements in this respect, the most famous must be the clone provided by Yahoo mail, e-mail address if you have direct access to parameters that will be detailed For example, the following [email protected] After setting out or is derived [email protected] [email protected] address as significantly, the letter sent to these addresses reach the same mailbox if it is can simply delete the message name.

In addition, users of Gmail through Gmail’s unique characteristics can also be very convenient to reach label: label first series ‘list’ and put the filter is the recipient’s name contains “+ [email protected]” file and paste the list of labeling live, then fill in the areas that require registration [email protected] + apple, this method can easily reach an intelligent e-mail message and purpose of the source.

5, the ultimate killer appears

Ultimate collection

killer is unknown trials, two British, one can achieve through their functions can not be performed above, the following terms, one by one:



address of each landing, while the upper right corner will be randomly assigned an e-mail in Figure 3:

Figure 3

Mailinator assigned mailbox legend

address appears red box [email protected] at this address down and touched must be registered and must verify that the forum better. Complete the registration if the address above [email protected] you want to see when the mailbox, copy the green in the figure of a name such as points jhqyoxnyyjym will open a page to see the letter, but sorry, this site does not support the Chinese, the Chinese believe will be garbled. Also, do not worry about confidentiality issues, the names of mailbox jhqyoxnyyjym is randomly generated, and after a period of (I tested about 24 hours), all messages will be lost.


junk e-mail station

Figure 4 is a greedy child e-mail when eating delicious sandwiches!

The site is currently the largest on the Internet the same type of anti-site, the numbers at the top of the homepage you can see its workload: really eat junk mail too!

Very simple, you must enter a user name and the current left-mail (required, and it is very important!) Everything will be fine after successful verification

When you need to register a site, then simply fill: @ can.



aaa random write, to facilitate the use of special characters can be replaced

number is the number format you want to receive the number of letters sent to this address


your registered name

For example: @ mailbox means that the apple in the MSN Web site to use the mailbox, the mailbox and can only receive five letters others were all the boy ate, how? Pretty simple right! In addition, there are even more powerful use of high-level pages, but I have not investigated further.

is willing to receive the following examples, the use of cars “X X” to indicate the first of several letters, there will be another delay receipt of the letter, but not lose the letter:

Figure 5 Example

spamgourmet features anti-spam

6 does not respond to emails

This is the painful lesson, I would be something for the future, and you can unsubscribe from receiving junk mail how? Step back cause more careful with the types of waste! Many spammers to verify the e-mail address is valid, often in a very apologetic tone, if you do not require our e-mail, please write to an address, we will stop sending you e-mail. At this time, the best way is to ignore not ask directly rejected the sender address to join the mailing list.

It is also a matter of spam tests brother would like a very angry accusing China of mailing lists, many can not provide a refund! Your way back by more annoying, however I always research the software, subscribe to a list of many updates to foreign software such as ACDSee, WebShot ,7-zip, etc., the end of the letter unsubscribe (unsubscribe) of the word, you can click Unsubscribe

The following is a list updated 7-Zip tail, which means that if the address you want to unsubscribe send a blank e-mail subject can be, I think this is the most convenient . Leads to internal order 365KEY often receive unsolicited e-mail list, mail a change bad unsubscribe to start, really should study abroad mailing list! After all, you and spam, in theory, should be two different things. It is also a way of condemning the e-mail here: Long ago used a Shanghai-mail [email protected] recently opened only 4 MB of space by the Shanghai Hotline support their violence spam! (Send 2 per week) ah unscrupulous! Here are also deleted when you see you can not afford to send off

Figure 6 does not follow the king to send e-mail


on the topic of spam on the end, and here I encourage you to use Gmail for mail (although their use in wells with and Gmail), because they can not think about the consequences of a dominant player. As “walking a step ahead,” there will always struggle and resistance, will want to read this article and you have some tips you receive less spam for some, hopefully, cleaner and Internet.

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