standard solutions for indoor IEEE 802.11b

IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN because of its convenience and scalability, especially for small office environments and network domestique.Dans indoor environment, the situation may be different for different typical solutions.

1.D alternatives
On the other solution is one of the simplest applications, as each computer to install a wireless card, you can visit each autres.Si you need to communicate with the wired network to which a computer to install a wired network adapter, wireless network to other computers use this computer as a gateway to the wired network or shared printers and other equipment.

But the alternative is a peer to peer programs, network with each one on a computer can transmit information, but can not do more visiter.Si you want to achieve interoperability as wired LAN function, you must use the access point.

2.Unique access point solution
Access Point is equivalent to a network hub câblé.Sans wireless access point wireless network can connect devices to form a star network, and the 10Base-T port and the cable connected to the wireless terminal can access the wired network resources, and the router to access Internet.

3.solution multi-access point
When the network size larger than the radius of coverage of single point of access, you can use multiple access points and wired networks are connected to the wired backbone to form the multi-point access to the wireless network, all the wireless terminals peutle point closest access through the access network, access to the entire network resources to pierce the coverage of the wireless network to limit the radius.

4.solution relay
wireless access point wireless there is another purpose, namely to act as an extension of networks câblés.Par example, in the factory workshop, the workshop has a wired network interface connection and workshops in many information points made in the measurement of the high cost of network cabling, there are points of information about the environment is not as bad wiring can . as the distribution of information points beyond the radius of coverage of single point of access, we can use two access points wireless repeater to extend the wireless network coverage.

5.Solutions redundancy wireless
Requiring reliability for network environments, such as financial services, securities, etc., the access point once passed, would cripple the entire network without Over pertes.Par bring great result, two access points can be placed at the same location, in order to achieve wireless backup program redundant.

6.Multi work-cellular roaming
In the building or a large deployment of wireless networks within the plane, the arrangement of multiple access points may form a system micro-cellular, which is mobile phones are very similar to micro-micro-cell cellulaire.Les allow a user to a coverage area of ​​the access point roaming different arbitrary to location of the transformation, the signal automatically switches an access point to another access point. roaming process is transparent to users, while providing connectivity to the access point switch occurred but users of the service, but will not be interrupted.

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