Standardization of. NET and C # in ECMA and ISO

Standards body, in which the language is C #, C + + / CLI, and parts of. NET framework under the name Common Language Infrastructure were (CLI) standardized. Another known ECMA standard is ECMAScript (aka Java Script / JScript ).

On the standardization of C # (ECMA-334) and the CLI (ECMA-335) following companies participated: Fujitsu Software, Hewlett-Packard, Intel Corporation, International Business Machines, ISE, Microsoft Corporation, Monash University, Netscape, Openwave, Plum Hall and Sun Microsystems.

ECMA and ISO standardization

Microsoft has some parts of. NET Framework under the name Common Language Infrastructure can be standardized (CLI). The CLI for the first time in December 2001 by the European Computer Manufac-turers Association (ECMA) standardized (ECMA standard 335, Working Group TC49 / TG3, formerly TC39 / TG3, see [ECMA01]), with minor modifications of the standard was completed in December 2002 by the world’s most important standards organization, the International Standardization Organization (ISO), taken over as ISO / IEC 23271st The version of the standard ECMA-335, 4 June 2006 issue as well as ISO / IEC (as of 29.07.2006) 23271:2006.

The terms are in the standard part but unlike Microsoft. NET Framework What in the Microsoft intermediate language called (MSIL), corresponds to the standard of the Common Intermediate Langua-ge (CIL). Instead of the Framework Class Library (FCL) is called the CLI Class Library. Exempt from the standards but are eg the database ADO.NET interface and the user-surface Biblio ¬ ¬ libraries Windows Forms and ASP.NET Webforms . Also, some newer. NET libraries (WPF, WCF and WF) are standardized.

Also the C # programming language is standardized by both bodies (ECMA-334 and ISO / IEC 23270). The current status is ECMA-334, 4 June 2006 issue as well as ISO / IEC (as of 23.08.2006) 23270:2006. Another, initiated by Microsoft language is standard C + + / CLI. C + + / CLI is a language extension for C + + (ISO / IEC 14882:2003). NET. C + + / CLI is by ECMA in December 2005, ECMA-372 (TC49 Working Group / TG5, formerly TC39 / TG5) was adopted. C + + / CLI is often used to migrate existing C + + applications to. NET, especially because C + + / CLI allows a software component (DLL, EXE) managed code and unmanaged code to mix.

The standards have been since 2005 and 2006 are no longer adapted to the development of. NET.

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