Steps taken into account for SEO Magento

We have talked many times about Magento and its important role in the development of online stores. This is a program of free and open source, well structured and ideal for large stores. The base program allows creating an online store and its many extensions complete their usefulness and versatility. But there is also something to consider when starting a business online.

The store has to be optimized for easy indexing to search engines  and provide it with good content to be viewed favorably by Google and other search engines. If your store is not well prepared and well equipped with quality content you can not sell your products because they will find you.

We still have a “definitive guide” to Magento SEO in Spanish. During this time, much has been written about search engine optimization, but always in the forums, some blogs and more. He has never shown a complete overview of this issue and it is time to gather all that knowledge in one article:

The Magento SEO guide.

We leave here some notes and discussions to be taken into account when creating your store with Magento, ie, that Google values ​​your store and get a quick positioning.

– Opt for a template optimized  for this purpose and perparada. Magento Templates that brings, such as: “Default Theme”, “Blue Skin” or “Modern Theme” and not do a good job in relation to the securities, from the point of view of search engine optimization. To make life easier, Yoast team has created a new template which is based on the template “Blank Magento Theme” and incorporates all necessary improvements in this guide to Magento SEO. This template can be found among the contributions of Magento with the name: Blank Magento SEO Theme.

– Clean the code hosted on the store’s internal files.  entire code of your online store, javascript and CSS files hosted on our staff should be moved to external files (js and css files) to maintain and clean our staff improve Magento SEO . With these changes, we will ensure that users can store these files in cache on the first page load, and that the search engines do not have to download the same code most of the time.

– Caring titles and page headers , ie tags h1, h2, .. By default, the logo is usually a page, but it should only be on the main page. In the remaining pages, the logo should be, at best, a most important thing is to get the title of each page has a label, for example, on page one category or the most important title should be the name of the category and similarly, in a product page.

– Remove unnecessary links.   Another adjustment that we make when optimize our Magento SEO, consist prevent spiders follow those links not relevant to our business, such as the login page, the purchasing process, the list of desired products and other pages without content.

– Create Sitemaps  in the store because they are an easy way to help the search engines to find our content. Sitemaps not help us better position, but if you get our content is indexed more quickly.

– Adjust the title from our store . By default, our Magento installation brings title “Magento Commerce” title unsuitable for our store get the traffic you deserve. Take particular care when writing the titles in our store (products, categories, etc.)  web design  considering the following aspects:

• Search engines give more importance to the first words of the title, so, if our keywords near the beginning will be more likely to get better our positions.

• People who consult the pages of search engine results are before the first words of the titles and descriptions. If our keywords ( web designer ) are placed at the beginning, are more likely to receive more visitors.

All too careful when it comes to what is to publicize our store and our products. Except that we have considerable capital to invest in advertising for months, we take a series of precautions and work in our shop to get them in searches related to our products appears our  online store design .

Be sure to include in your store, as if it were a corporate website, quality content articles of interest and correct descriptions of your products or what you sell.

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