Stories about the EPR management product selection

Some companies improve their management level and competitiveness, have established their own ERP system, but does not have much invested in their own results come originally desired, one of the reasons is the business process in the selection ERPun malentendu.Je want to talk about history through several management companies in the ERP selection process should pay attention to the problem wants to give these stories through the implementation ERP activity was to highlight:

A clear understanding of the application of ERP to determine the time of selection

fire management kitchen Story 1:

guesthouse invited to a person, to see the family on the kitchen stove chimney is straight, there are many wooden side.


said the owner said: “The chimney must change the tune, the wood must be removed, or in the future may lead to the kitchen fire.” Owner hear his disapproval, and did nothing, said .

Indeed, from the kitchen fire home the family, a neighbor came running around the fire, the fire was finally extinguished, if the horse murder master kitchen, sheep, entertained neighbors to reward them credit for fighting, but it is not suggested that he had requested the removal of wood fireplace for guests to change the music.


the master said: “If you had listened to the words of this man, now do not have to prepare a feast, and it is not damaged by the fire, now reward merit, who had initially proposed to you are not grateful, but people who battentme says the oddest things happen! “Master suddenly wake up to reality and quickly approved the proposal to invite the guests who come to take a drink.


business operators usually face a crisis or competitive pressure, will focus on change management and business, also believes that the company ERP primarily to solve existing problems, such as the role of firefighters, in fact, this view is open to question.Comme saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, to take precautionary measures before, after more chaos in devenue.Les companies should recognize that ERP n ‘ is not just a software tool, but also a reflection on the gestion.Il is a “customer” focus, the company’s sales, production for the integration of the supply chain, which were Ding Xiao produce change marché.ERP capacity both in light of changes in the external environment of the company forecasting and dynamic decision making of companies to seize market opportunities, improve competitiveness business and position the company marché.Cette in the implementation of ERP projects should be to improve forecasting and decision-making ability of companies to this effect, combined with enterprise features, choose the appropriate time to s adapt to the characteristics of the EPR of commercial products, can not wait until “the heat of the kitchen,” too late, even if it solves the existantsproblème, but the problem occurs frequently, can be described as endless difficulties.

Second, ERP vendors to determine a reasonable choice to avoid the more the better

Management Story 2: Select the best

scientists have made a series of experiments, including one for a test group in the six kinds of chocolate choose to buy, the other group was tested 30 kinds of chocolate in sélection.Résultats this latter group, most people are not very tasty selection of chocolate, a little regret their choice.

Another experiment at Stanford University in California, close to a wide variety of foods supermarket staff effectués.Le well known supermarket, two food stalls set up six types of tastes, and 24 other saveurs.Les results showed that there were 24 different flavors of the cab to attract more customers: 242, after the guests, 60% stop there and try to eat, and 260 through the six types of tastes of customers in the cabin, stop and try to eat only 40%., but the end result is surprising: there are six kinds of flavors in the stall arrested at least 30% of customers bought a bottle of jam, there are 24 flavors from those who have tried before, only 3% people to buy things.


statistical data in China more than 1,000 existing domestic and foreign ERP vendors, each ERP product quality and service level parameters when missing both ERP vendors allow companies to wandering, not sure of his mind at the same time, too nombreERP also confuse the concept of spéculation.Les companies more than the selection of ERP vendors provide more advice to the selection of ERP will be more reasonable, fact, often against each context-productive.Parce ERP supplier development and strength vary, but they provide different types of ERP products, persuade the motivation is different, we make too many companies could not decide on the selection of ERP products.

To this end, we have before bidding ERP products must have their ultimate goal of a clear sellers reasonably convened several ERP, which allows them to move elements of the products of the company ERP and the benefits of choice is suitable for ERP product company. Yet sometimes, but all the ERP products may not be suitable for business, when considered as a kind of self-development n is not a choice, Henan Shuanghui ERP selection is an example of ré short in the ERP selection to avoid the indiscriminate use of the resources, diversification of the blind, such as monkeys rupture of a stick, eventually nothing.

to recognize their own strengths, to adapt to the selection of ERP products business

History Management 3: Raven School Hawks

Eagle in flight against a rock, a very nice gesture fell a lamb capturés.J I saw a raven, envy, thinking I would take a sheep would not eat rotten food every day, and it s désiré.Et then there was the eagle with memory, repeatedly plunging position, I hope, like an eagle catch a sheep.

One day, it felt similar to the practice, call cliff diving Lara jumps body RAM, want it blown off, but his claws entangled in the wool removed trople retirer.Bien that He continued to play the fear Shi Jin wings, but can not voler.Shepherd saw it, ran over and grabbed him, cut his wing feathers. During the evening, he came home with a crow , its enfants.Les children asked what kind of bird, the shepherd said: “It is indeed a raven, but it will serve as an eagle.”


Crow wanted to know an eagle, the spirit is admirable, but the Ravens have to determine if it is to transform the place into an eagle, then need to pay an extremely dur.Plutôt that simply learning under the cliff diving position aigle.Il may exercise their power on several occasions, their claws, the only way to practice their own vision, crows may have taken the lamb, and the only way he could turn into a crow an eagle.

Companies in the choice of ERP, the same is true, can not see other companies to invest heavily in the implementation of ERP has brought enormous economic and social benefits that can be their own succès.Étant as each company in the economic, management, systems, man, and if different, the strength of companies and their environment are very different, this activity must take into account its own strengths and other factors to consider options for its ERPproduits.Si conditions for companies to implement a full ERP is not yet come, you can select the part of the ERP functions first trial as a first MRPII should not blindly copy others, the implementation of programs and selection of produits.Au same time, companies should want to know why the ravens are not the eagle, the eagle how to become only the correct understanding of itself may eventually become an eagle soaring in the sky, the selection of companies and implementation ERPsuccès and competitiveness of companies in an invincible position.

Fourth, select ERP vendors with good service

Management 4 floors: vanilla ice cream allergy

One day, the U. S. General Motors Pontiac ministry received a letter of complaint to the customer: “This is my second time for the same thing you write is actually a fact.” Previously, staff utilisateurune habit vote daily meal the whole family to eat ice goût.Depuis recently purchased a Pontiac car, just whenever he bought ice cream is vanilla flavor, he got out of the workshop on the hair if you fixe.Mais buy other flavors, very smooth vehicle launch.

Very strange! Is it possible? Director of the letter had doubts, but still sent an engineer to see what que.Ingénieurs found that the owners were not a joke hasard.Quand he finished dinner with the owners to buy the rear window of the car, the car is not moving vraiment.essayé several times, each time she. taste ice for another problem not buy.

engineers certainly do not believe Zheliang “strange” car smell vanilla allergies.Il also began to record owners of other information, find the owners to buy the vanilla ice cream that time spent less to buy other flavors.

It also concluded that, because the vanilla cream bestseller ice stores let customers receive whenever soon be displayed in a separate vanilla flavor in particular Shop front in the freezer, while other flavors of ice cream placed farther from the caisseplace.

engineers to reduce the problem of “why stop the car to run from the short time he goes” wrong answer emerged: because “vapor lock” should! When the owners bought other flavors of ice cream, due to a longer time, the engine has enough time to heat, when the stimulus is not too problème.Quand the vanilla ice cream purchase however, spent less time because the engine is too hot, can not let the vapor lock “there is sufficient cooling time.


Vanilla Ice allergic to the car, which was a little strange, too strange to some Jiaoren incroyable.Toutefois, General Motors, after hearing a reflection of the user, and do not laugh, but serious and responsible send people explorer.L engineer in the process of consideration of the matter, but also very serious and responsible, do not miss any clues, and finally found the root of the problem.

When conducting business ERP selection, ERP vendors must be careful about the selection, the user can see if they reflect seriously on the issues, especially some seem strange, absurd whether a good attitude and the compréhensionil really solve problems for customers, putting in good faith, to think calmly crux of the problem to find a solution to the problem.

Meanwhile, to ensure a successful ERP selection, ERP should also be on the domestic and foreign firms objective and serious analyse.De maturity of ERP software, the number of users of success, customer satisfaction the workload of clients facing the workload of secondary development, the cycle of upgrading software and training users to measure the workload so that the quality of its services to ensure the successful implementation of ERP.


ERP ERP selection is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the company Tiaojian, do this, companies in the ERP Implementation Strategy Guide Xia, business Kaolv Zishen should fully human resource, financial, material resources, Deng information and make the analysis of all resources on the basis of ZhexieSur clear understanding of their own strengths, to determine the timing of the implementation of ERP, ERP and business selection Tender reasonable, the final choice of ERP vendors with good products and services for the company’s own ERP functionality.

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