strong combination: a survey of technology (SiteView) help Intel

April 8, 2009, Beijing, China – just held in Spring 2009 Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Intel official world debut of innovative green products – Intel? Data center management software platform technology, combined with the powerful Intel platform and performance dragon pool and Technology (SiteView) related to software technology, the real-time monitoring, the management and optimization of data center power consumption.

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new platform – with the rapid development of information technology, modern data centers have a computer company management Zhong Yao element because it is almost running business applications 所有 information, and without constantly rising energy Chengben Jutaifudan a business. According to related statistics, global companies IT equipment power consumption and cooling costs in the growth rate of the purchase price for the growth rate of new server eight times. Therefore, how to reduce energy costs, managers of data centers have become the most important task. Intel platform data center management has emerged in this context, the dynamic adjustment of data at the platform technology center energy strategy to reduce energy consumption and cooling costs, a efficient management of energy.

Partners – Intel Corporation designated as the sole global partners software technology, operation and maintenance of IT valley leading international developer of software management of death and Technology (SiteView) invited to attend conference and, separately, Intel has signed a cooperation agreement announced related to the integration of future data center Intel DCM platform server management technology products and software solutions, to jointly provide customers more complete data center equipment on the platform management software and systems to achieve a full range of energy savings, promote the development of green computing. At the meeting, Yau Lung Technology (SiteView) CEO Mr. Zhang Zejun as special guests of the summit and its partner Intel, is also the General Assembly made a magnificent speech.

“The energy data management center has become one of the fundamental responsibilities of management. Youlong Technology (SiteView) years of technological innovation continues the development strategy of the company, this system of deep integration in the data SiteView Intel platform management center will directly improve you long series of IT operation and maintenance of software products in the company management market competitiveness. “Swimming dragon Network Network Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing, Zhang said CEO Zejun.

Core Technology – This new platform is one of the core technologies of computer equipment for real-time performance and effective monitoring indicators. Yau Lung Technology (SiteView) With many years of IT operation and management technology for the ongoing maintenance of research and innovation, as well as nearly 20 million servers and other computer equipment, monitoring overall capacity technology and extensive experience in the industry, Intel has won the confidence and respect. With the cooperation of both the depth can be seen swimming dragon and Technology (SiteView) not only on the operation and maintenance of the IT leader in the field, became internationally famous IT service providers.

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