Structuring the ecosystem MariaDB: SkySQL merges with Monty Program

A few days after the announcement of the appointment of the interim board of the Foundation MariaDB, supposed floor on its governance model, SkySQL and Monty Program, the two lungs of MariaDB and MySQL, have decided to merge. Creating, with the foundation, the ecosystem around the database created by Monty Widenius.

The implementation of the ecosystem around the open source database MariaDB crossed a milestone. SkySQL, specialist support and MySQL and MariaDB editor components for these databases, today announced merge with Monty Program, the company set up by Monty Widenius (founder of MySQL) and focused on MariaDB, the database created in its expert hands.

Obviously, the course of these two companies is very closely linked. In 2010, at its inception, SkySQL and was more or less considered the service for Monty Program. Both companies wanted at the time – as now – build a solid alternative to MySQL, the opening and the quality of development seemed to compromise their once Oracle. Monty Widenius had also supported the creation of SkySQL announcing on his blog that a third party service company focused on MySQL was then pregnant. And, more pragmatically, by becoming a shareholder of the company.

In continuation of the creation of the Foundation MariaDB

With this merger, it is a little MySQL clan that reform, in the guise of SkySQL – the new structure that retains the name of baptism. It must be said that since its inception, SkySQL was able to build its business model, giving a stronger today than Monty Program visibility. The company has established its position in the market as a company MySQL and MariaDB, winning big clients services in France as from individuals Individuals or Pierre & Vacances.

It has also forged an image of Open Source editor developing C and Java connectors for MySQL , by giving a cloud dimension with the recruitment of David Douglas and the launch of Cloud Data Suite . Not to mention the fundraising and the appointment of a part of the IT sector as CEO . The same CEO, Patrik Sallner also will lead a new generation SkySQL.

The merger is also a result of the implementation of the ecosystem that borders MariaDB, and the episode that follows the creation of a MariaDB Foundation , the independent foundation initiated by Monty Widenius used to ensure the sustainability of developments MariaDB. “We had in mind to move to one side of the other, says Patrik Sallner in an interview with the editor, with two very different early cultures. “But, on one side, Monty Program must absorb new key projects, such as the integration of MariaDB in Linux distributions (such as Fedora or OpenSuse). “It was difficult for him to manage the business interfaces,” says the CEO. SkySQL, meanwhile, was starting a recruitment commercial. “So it was a good time to merge. With the same history, we find ourselves in the same house, “he adds. Especially as the creator of MariaDB is currently the CTO of the foundation. What largely occupy without having to take into account the administrative dimension of Monty Program.

SkySQL and the new referent is MariaDB. His ambition, says Patrik Sallner is to embark on the development of MariaDB and focus on interoperability with other platforms that the base is likely to encounter in the SI business – including NoSQL. we had also explained Monty Widenius during his viste in Paris in early April . Monty Widenius also retain a technical advisory role in the new entity. There will manage particular “code review”.

SkySQL which, with 20 developers Monty Program, passes a staff of 70 people, also intends to be a “close associate” of the foundation as a leading contributor – “hearts MariaDB teams being home.” What then propose a more structured to attack the corporate ecosystem.

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