sudden increase in the QQ instant messaging or virus in the largest broadcaster

Recently, the Internet security company McAfee virus forecast report released in 2008, according to statistics from McAfee, emerging viruses and Trojans over 100,000, included a threat than ever, 50% of the total number of surges . Nuwar virus (also called Storm worm “) developed into the largest P2P botnet (botnet), and TJ Max are together caused the largest event ever leak données.D other areas of significant growth threat of phishing software crime, the discovery of vulnerability to zero-day attacks “, 2007, can be described as a threat to wreak havoc around the year.

The report shows that instant messaging viruses grow rapidly in recent years, researchers have virus majority of users can be automatically issued a kind of worm instant messaging alert. Such a threat may be infected within seconds , millions of users worldwide entier.Bien IM malware that has existed for many years, but so far we have not found such a threat can not be performed automatiquement.Bien that nobody can determine the when such threats occur, but we were able to peep the indices.Selon the report of the U.S. National vulnerability database, 2007, AIM, YIM and MSN Messenger vulnerability is present in more than twice the years précédente.Plus importantly, the risk of high risk in 2007, 10 and in 2006 the figure was zéro.En addition, in 2005 and 2006, the largest family of virus threat IM was replaced by the new initiative is the so-called “just for old again.” In 2007, about 250 million Skype users with infected machines vers.S wait to undergo such viruses will continue to increase users.

At present, many people and businesses to instant messaging software (like Tencent QQ) as an important means of transmitting information with each other, while software such as P2P file sharing important.Cependant a way, these tools were used by the virus preparation as an important means of communication at the moment the virus.Par Therefore, the user when using these tools to be careful to avoid incidents.En such as the first instant messaging software, Tencent QQ registered account has exceeded 400 million euros, a figure close to the total population of China, 1/3, Tencent QQ, or transmission of the virus can become the largest software.

Experts warn that once the computer being infected must first be disconnected from the network (including Internet and local network) and detect and eliminate viruses, prevent virus spread in a wider area wide, causing lesions graves.Les computer users should update antivirus software, start the real-time tracking, “and” Personal Firewall “preventive measures.

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