Sybase has won the 2009 “Management System database service, product satisfaction” gold

the world’s leading business and mobile software company Sybase? recently announced August 20, 2009 in Beijing, China Electronic Information Industry and Development Institute organized by the Federation of Chinese information technology to promote the “2009 China IT services will be” on Sybase with the capacity of the global IT services business of leading and reputable customer, scored a solid 2009, “Management System database service, product satisfaction” gold, which is the company Sybase since 2001 for many years, the price several times réélu.Actuellement, the slowdown in all areas of IT service performance and greater demand, the system database Sybase products and services won another gold medal with satisfaction the industry has created a customer service database system and technical support to the absolute direction.

“2009 China IT services would be” by the China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute (Saidijituan) and the Alliance for the Advancement of organized information, CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. and China Computer Journal, “Entrepreneur magazine, the meeting annuellel’industrie” performance of services – industry Baos IT services to encourage standardization of performance evaluation “as the theme, select” Service Satisfaction Award ” “Service Innovation Award”, “bonus copy.” the “satisfaction of the Gold” is a top expert in the industry for Baos (service sector performance-based) thinking and experience of the product, selection, and in reference to the consumer survey, based on interviews upscale, objective and fair in naming services ITaspects survey of user satisfaction with enterprise integrated high scores, this praise their accomplishments service.

recent years, Sybase service, service process and the normalization of the increasing professionalization of its telephone service in Beijing, technical support centers across the country provide support technique.Pendant 7X24 hours this time Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen, the heights of the city line technical engineer to provide a fast response speed of a national on-site support services technique.Est based on years of practice “customer first the secondary market, the service primarily for sale “concept of business development, Sybase can always enterprise software services market, has a strong position to help 2001-2003pendant three consecutive years” for the best price customer satisfaction database “, 2007” The achievements of IT Service Award “Decade, 2008 and 2009” product database management system, or service satisfaction. “

Price for Sybase, CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. President Li Jun also holds a very commendable attitude, he thought: “IT services, standardization and product differentiation and service competitiveness is become the decision of the IT industry and seek progrèsfacteur key. Sybase in the Chinese market a range of innovative technologies, top products, services and standardized performance and establish the business development of his style practice. “At the same time, Li Jun said, Sybase intensive service sector, not only making reference sesstatut industry, but also obtain the approval of the majority of users and the reputation of entreprises.Sybase access to the current service would be a “product database management system and services Satisfaction Award” deserved.

When Sybase Asia Pacific vice president and general manager Mr. Zou Zuoji Sybase Greater China in the “2009 IT services would” once again won “management system database service, product satisfaction “gold, he said,” get this price SybaseL’équipe received great encouragement. we have every achievement, every step of the upgrade, all to support our customers as the source. Emergency needs of customers, customer-first philosophy has always been our service is égalementfonctions Sybase never change the team. Sybase even the expectations we have done everything to improve customer satisfaction. “

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