The 3 most useful tools to find out the popularity of a domain

Finding the popularity of your domain can be very useful to know where you stand within a niche. give you good ideas on the demographics of your audience and if your website meets your needs.

Web sites mentioned in this article are all very good at what they do, and are highly recommended. Whether you are thinking of getting into a niche and want to know how the competition is taking place then these three tools will serve you well.


If you were to refer to a domain tool Alexa popularity is probably one of the first websites that would target. has been operating for over 15 years and for good reason. There are many different numerical statistics that are useful. Yet , the most important and used the ‘Alexa Traffic Rank “, which gives a relative estimate websites traffic compared to others. Though the tool also includes page views and visitor numbers is mostly reliable .

Other important indicators including the amount of sites that link in regional traffic ranks by country and some of the most popular search queries. All these things can be used to provide a great insight into the domain or competition.


While not all websites are quantified under Quantcast, which undoubtedly benefit. There are a variety of data available for websites. One of the best things about Quantcast is the profile of clients served in its datasheet . You will be able to look at the demographics of their customers with details such as gender, age, income, education, family size and ethnicity. All this can give great signs in your profile websites and better help their target audience.

One thing about the profile of the audience for Quantcast is that also lets you see what other websites to their users like. This will give an indication on the competition, but also other small niches that you could use.


Compete is another nifty tool that lets you browse estimated traffic data and traffic rank. Showing data for a large number of websites, however, to websites with little or no traffic is unlikely that you have access to data. For websites that have relevant information that is very useful. has a chart in the center is the estimated traffic in the last 12 months. Besides having the estimated traffic rank compared to other websites , and estimated amount of hits per month.

One thing is very useful that allows you to see how other sites are relevant to yours. ‘ll encounter a dozen websites and rank them on the similarity of 100. This is great news if you’re wondering who the competition, or that users are also likely to visit.

These three tools can be great assets to their arsenal of SEO and web sites if you are willing to put the time in they can provide data that other companies would have charged. Use them wisely and you will have a definite advantage over the competition.

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