The advent of outsourcing of economic uncertainty trapped

During the last decade, companies are increasingly outsourcing technology in low-wage areas to save money. trend filed a superpower status of software in India .
Today, the economic weakness of the negative effects of outsourcing industry began approfondir.logiciel India’s industry association said outsourcing in the first quarter of BPO companies Indian 25 million unemployed.

To reduce profits Chule outsourcing began to decline, Gartner said yesterday, by the uncertain economic situation, IT budget constraints and competition, by the end of 2010 before prices IT outsourcing services will decrease by 5% -20%.

Despite the economic crisis and the impact of the outsourcing industry depth of software, but due to the outsourcing of software to solve graduates employment, exports and other challenges business transformation, provinces Duoge China to improve the software outsourcing industry, support for.

February 18, 2009, the Executive Board meeting of the State has adopted the principle of “electronic Restructuring Information and rejuvenation program,” clearly to promote the development of services outsourcing, business support “out” to establish R & D, network-based manufacturing and marketing.

Shockwave when the internal software outsourcing industry are affected at the end how? What should I do?

Second half of 2008, IDC statistics show that China’s offshore software outsourcing market growth rate in the third quarter of 2008 was only 19.53 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2008, I fear that the situation worse.

Qing Research Center has published a research report, 2008, the capital markets were all major world tumbled, a successful business through the IPO to increase the difficulty, institutions in general in the next two to three years, corporate finance through annoncela difficulty will increase.

“Software outsourcing industry ultimately much impact until June 2009 to see.” President and CEO, Chris Evans Chen software industry a good time it will grow very well when the economy is mauvaisesera a good thing, because customers need to reduce coûts.Toutefois when the economy is uncertain environment, and software toughest industrial subcontracting, which is now at the stage of economic uncertainty.

greater diversification of portfolio risk

“Despite Neusoft also affected by the crisis, but most business portfolio Neusoft health, the risk is much less good years, Neusoft will not be particularly aggressive, not a good year, Neusoft also the difference in other companies commeplonger “, the reporter learned from Neusoft Group, 2008, Neusoft in the field of software and outsourcing services revenue grew by 30%. In addition to continuing to build on the Japanese market in product engineering and business development of software applications based services, aussiaccroître market development in Europe and the United Unis.Neusoft fifth finalist, ” Global IT Services 100 “list, and even above the” top 10 new subcontracting Asian “list.


insiders, compared to a single outsourcing company, Neusoft integrated company primarily inside. Even in the outsourcing industry, Neusoft has always insisted on the road safe to walk on two legs.

Before that, Neusoft in the relocation of the main markets are Japan, to spread the risk, Neusoft established at the beginning of this year, European companies, American companies have also been adjusted to increase efforts to expand market Europe and the United States.

course, this does not mean to ignore Neusoft to make things in Japan, recently played with the software Mandarin “mixes” show, its aim is to consolidate its leading position in the Japanese outsourcing.

Lower profits

expansion as needed corporate ladder

Gartner, outsourcing services prices decline, Gartner predicts that the demand for hosting services, prices will fall by 10% -20%, the price of network services decreased by 10% -15%, the data center services, prices will fall by 5% -15% of the price support technologieLes be down 5% -10%.

Down to change much for profit venture capital firm in the software outsourcing industry. Hua Tang Min, Chairman of Investment sweeter than China can not fully replicate the Indian model, because the strength of India is required to develop national industry, a language similar to the West, such as historical antecedents.

China software outsourcing industry has its own characteristics: Last year, the revenue of China software industry reached 580 billion yuan of scale, of which only about 15 billion yuan exports subcontracting domestic demand and foreign demand.

“For the software outsourcing industry is the emergence of some difficulties, we feel very pessimistic.” AsiaVest Beijing Zhong Xie, general manager of the senior that multinational companies operating in the country also produced a large number of local demand for services, the departments also have policies and resources financièressoutien, coupled with a large number of well-educated people, we can say that China’s software outsourcing of industry should go further.

Tang Min believes that outsourcing is an industry labor, need for economies of scale and management capacity of staff is a key competitiveness of enterprises, “The Outsourcing is a kind of production, the development team and building management teams besoinsconsidérablement strengthened, and this is possible in the software outsourcing companies that make the difference. “

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