The Best Search Engine Optimization

Following recent changes in Google’s algorithm may feel a bit lost and confused on the way to your web elaborabas positioning, since we still have constant updates of Google Panda in order to improve the quality of search results.

So we will try to explain the method that we use our sites to get good results on Google by that I consider to be the best SEO .

Best web positioning methods we use are:

  1. Link Building
  2. Web Content

By the method of link building to position our web project and make unique items relevant to our services, articles are optimized and published on websites that contain the same subject I leave up to 2 or 3 include links to our web site using the anchor text desired.

What we get through our way of link building is the possibility that anywhere in the article we published, as they tend to be very popular is positioned in the top 10 of google in no time and we generate relevant and interested visitors in our products while our website is being positioned. And second, being a sole publication in what has emerged in recent changes in Google Panda , it is more likely to get a high PR link which points to your website using the chosen anchor text.

The web content is the most powerful tool by which you get and you will generate more traffic to your website, which if you practice daily and monthly really statistics google as Analitycs get improvements from the previous month, and so on.

It’s about creating a blog or corporate style magazine articles where character post new information about your products, services and / or news events of the company. But remember that every article we post must be optimized for Google understands that we are talking theme and therefore more relevant.

This is the method which we do, which we work and consider it the best SEO .

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